Expert Spotlights

Meet DeepSeas Threat Hunt Lead: Darrell Bohatec

March 30, 2023

As part of our DeepSeas series titled, “Meet Our Deeps,” we’re introducing a Threat Hunt Lead at DeepSeas, Darrell Bohatec. Let’s dive in to learn more about his work and career. 

Q: Hello, Darrell. Please tell us about your current role at DeepSeas?

A: I serve as a DeepSeas Threat Hunt Lead for the Professional Services crew. I oversee and support the capability build and operation activities. I also oversee the Threat Hunt service delivery to our DeepSeas clients.

Q: What do you love most about your work at DeepSeas?

A: The thing I enjoy most at DeepSeas is helping people and organizations that are experiencing complex challenges. The ability to help clients problem solve and find a meaningful resolution is the thing I am most passionate about. DeepSeas allows me to be a diverse contributor based on my strengths and contributions. I get to work with highly-skilled individuals who are even better people, which enables a great working culture, which is the utmost importance to me.

Q: Will you please share a little bit with us about your career journey as a cyber security expert? Any major milestones you are proud of or particular hurdles you overcame?

A: My journey into cyber defense is an uncommon one. In 2008 I had some serious injuries occur to my back that left me on disability. I decided to take a few Comptia classes, fell in love with cyber defense, and became determined from that point on to start my journey into the cyber security abyss. In 2011 I secured my first real cyber security role at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond that started me on my journey in defensive cyber security. I have supported multiple cyber security disciplines ranging from digital forensics to network forensics, incident response, vulnerability management, threat detection, and more. I have helped financial organizations, pharma, and many other industries improve their overall cyber security practice and strategy leveraging 12+ years of industry experience.

We’re fortunate to have Darrell as a threat hunt lead at DeepSeas and thank him for sharing a bit about himself and his areas of expertise. Come back to meet more of our DeepSeas cyber security experts in future issues of our “Meet Our Deeps” series.