SOC Alert Prioritization & Potential Hidden Risks

March 13, 2023

Some security leaders have had SOC alert prioritization decisions made for them. Others are dealing with decisions that were made so long ago, no one remembers how they came to be. While other leaders feel certain in their decisions — e.g. “I measure our reduction in false positives.” — these decisions may in fact have a compounding effect on your organization’s security.

Brought to you by DeepSeas and CIO, this educational video allows CIOs and their security leaders to gain insight into the inherent risks behind Security Operation Center’s (SOC) alert prioritization. Speaker David Lavinder, Chief of Cyber Operations at DeepSeas, brings his comprehensive experience from his work leading Threat Intelligence missions, SOC operations, and nearly ten years in the U.S. Intelligence Community to the discussion.

In this session, David expands upon how security leaders can find equilibrium between true positives and false positives while also managing alert fatigue and risk. Viewers will not only gain insight into how traditional logic can encourage hidden risk that can eventually lead to a less secure organization, they will also walk away with best practices and knowledge related to avoiding common pitfalls.