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Craig Robinson is a Research Vice President within IDC's Security Services

The DeepSeas crew tackles the most advanced cyber threats in the world

Threat Intelligence Experts

Executive Security Leaders

Security Analysts

Service Delivery Crew

Technical Support Crew

DeepSeas cyber threat intelligence team members monitor threat actors, malware families, and offensive tactics used in the real world. Synthesized intelligence is sent to our threat detection engineers to ensure that signatures are developed and deployed to a variety of defensive systems. Our dark web monitoring teams look for incidents of client compromise and trends in criminal activity that may impact our clients.

Battle-hardened expertise

The DeepSeas executive leadership team has served in the U.S. intelligence community, Fortune 500 cyber defense teams, and world-class enterprise security consulting firms.

Chris Esemplare

Chief Executive Officer

Wade Alt

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Vigorito

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Brosnan

Chief Revenue Officer

Joel Holland

Chief Technology Officer

Anna Seacat

Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Johnson


David Lavinder

Deputy COO & Chief of Cyber Operations

Dominik Ślęzak

Chief Scientist

Nate Hausrath

Vice President, Engineering & Development

Cris Hamilton

SOC Executive Leader

Patrick Joyce

Vice President, Portfolio Management

Mike Johnson

Vice President, Partners & Alliances

Josh Nicholson

Vice President of Professional Services & Customer Success

Our Values

Without our values, we aren't DeepSeas. They preserve the essence of our organization, reflect the personalities of our Deeps, and enable us to transform cyber defense programs.

We are client obsessed.

We prioritize health and wellbeing.

We solve problems at the speed of cyber.

We stand in solidarity with our teammates.

We believe in the power of diversity.

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Your cyber defense experts from DeepSeas will guide meaningful and rapid transformation that achieves measurable outcomes.


Our clients report results to their Board of Directors after 30-days with DeepSeas.

DeepSeas FAQs

At DeepSeas, we're committed to helping you understand everything that goes into transforming your cybersecurity program. Below are initial FAQs to get you started.

How will DeepSeas defend my organization's cloud environments?
Does DeepSeas offer vCISO or Deputy CISO services?
How will DeepSeas help me be compliant?
How will the DeepSeas platform unite my entire security program?
How will DeepSeas protect my organization against ransomware?
Does DeepSeas offer penetration tests and continuous control validation services?
How does DeepSeas protect Operation Technology (OT) and critical infrastructure?


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