Cyber Security Operations Expert: Meet Dorian James, DeepSeas

May 31, 2023

In this new issue of the series “Meet Our Deeps,” we introduce you to a DeepSeas cyber security operations expert, Dorian James, who is serving in the cyber seas. In the interview below, Dorian shares what drew him to the cyber defense industry and his role at DeepSeas.

Hi Dorian. Tell us about your current role at DeepSeas and what you enjoy most about your work as a cybersecurity operations expert.

As a Senior Manager of Security Operations at DeepSeas, what I enjoy the most about my work is my crew. I am responsible for a 24×7 crew of operators and analysts, ensuring that we provide the deepest coverage for our clients so they have peace of mind and are always protected. The teams at the DeepSeas SOCs (Security Operations Centers) are great! Our teamwork, willingness to help others, diligence, and get-it-done attitude all work together to make a huge impact for our clients. Our approach allows us to be productive and protect our clients with confidence.

Will you please share a bit about your career journey? What drew you to a security operations center expert role in the cyber defense industry?

I came from a Law Enforcement/Security background in the Marines, and this progression just felt natural when I transitioned in 2014. Coming from a structured background in the military, but having an inquisitive attitude, working in cybersecurity has allowed me to use both those strengths to effectively work in the SOC and get the team oriented and working together to protect our clients.

As a retired Marine (2014), the major milestone that I overcame was the transition to the private sector. The organization that became DeepSeas gave me the opportunity to start a new career during a stressful time in my life. Any time a Vet transitions and begins a new career can be stressful — I served for 20 years, so it was a big move for me. Serving in security operations allowed me to grow into the role. I started at the bottom and grew into a cybersecurity operations expert, where I am today with DeepSeas. I am proud of my team, what we have built, and what we do every day for clients.

How does your Security Operations Center expertise enhance the ability of DeepSeas to protect our clients?

I have been working in cyber defense just short of nine years, serving our clients and growing my expertise through practical experience and continuing education and certifications such as Sec+, PMP and CISSP. As an example of how this expertise serves our clients, last year we found some potential nefarious activity on a client’s network and rallied the SOC to investigate and provide support. The activity was later identified as a scanner in their environment that they didn’t remember putting there. We helped the client identify assets and clean up their rules, along with tuning their Incident Response procedures. 

What single piece of advice would you share with a CISO to improve her/his organization’s cyber defense posture?

Listen to your IT team when they are asking for resources and training.  

We’re fortunate to have Dorian as a member of our Deeps crew and thank him for sharing a bit about himself and his areas of expertise. Come back to meet more of our DeepSeas cybersecurity operations experts in future issues of our “Meet Our Deeps” series.