Your source of calm in the cyber seas: In-depth cyber defense and threat analytics.

Your mission is to achieve trusted business operations. The DeepSeas mission is to deliver that and give you peace of mind by patrolling the cyber seas, removing harm from your environment, and maturing your cyber security program.

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Why Trust DeepSeas

You’ll get real cyber experts who live to remove harm from the cyber seas.

Cyber defense is all we do, and we are fully vested in protecting your business from cyber harm. We hire, develop, and deliver an unmatched team of cybersecurity experts. We defend our clients against the most hostile global adversaries 24/7/365.

It took decades to build an implementation methodology that you’ll love, and it was worth it.

Ultra by DeepSeas is our unique service delivery methodology that enables cyber defense solutions to be personal, reliable, transparent, and cost effective. It has been built through decades of experience in driving complex managed cybersecurity programs across multiple industries. The Ultra methodology emphasizes high-value outcomes that address your key areas of cyber risk.

Your peers trust us to protect them against the most sophisticated adversaries in the world.

Our clients are your peers, and while you may face similar cyber criminals, you likely have nuanced operational challenges. We’ll meet you where you are and configure our offerings to your organization’s specific needs as you journey toward trusted business operations.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a deep partnership ecosystem that is built on long-term relationships.

We partner with innovators to provide you with access to leading capabilities through a single trusted partner. Proven capabilities matched with our trusted partner relationships will deepen and mature your security program. As a fully dedicated, partner-focused company, DeepSeas is committed to building long-term and valuable partnerships that are customizable.

  • Don’t Take Our Word For It

    “As IT and security leaders struggle to develop and scale security programs that can keep pace with an evolving attack surface, managed detection and response (MDR) providers are bringing necessary expertise, processes, and tools to drive improved security program maturity and superior outcomes. More than simple service providers, partnering with MDR vendors in the mid-market is quickly becoming a core operating strategy in the growth and maturity of modern security programs. Vendors like DeepSeas have an opportunity to contribute more than MDR/XDR, helping organizations efficiently manage the business risk posed by cyber threats.”

    Dave Gruber, Principal Cybersecurity Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group

  • Don’t take our word for it

    “When we brought in DeepSeas to maintain and run our security operations center, they came with a very deep background, not only technical but operational as well. DeepSeas is able to bring in a high caliber of people, systems, engineering, and solutions to help us be successful.”

    Dr. Tina Briney, Cyber Defense Executive

  • Don’t Take Our Word For It

    “DeepSeas provides a differentiated Managed Detection & Response offering for the mid-market. Their best practice approach driven by their enabling platform uniquely integrates OT [operational technology] with IT, cloud, and mobile threat detection.”

    Edgard Capdevielle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nozomi Networks

    In-Depth Managed Detection &
    Response is Within Your Reach

    Are security visibility gaps creating unacceptable risk?

    Achieve full view of deep threats with broad attack surface coverage.

    Are incomplete and manual security procedures increasing attacker dwell times?

    Minimize business impact risks through fast and complete threat response.

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    Are your limited security team members overworked and stressed?

    Overcome staffing challenges with 24/7 access to a deep force of cyber talent.

    Are sub-optimized security tools limiting your cyber defense capabilities?

    Optimize existing security investments through the DeepSeas cyber defense platform.

    Our Deep Partnership Ecosystem

    We partner with industry leading organizations who share our passion and commitment to defending global businesses from cyber harm.

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