Manufacturer Chooses DeepSeas OT Cybersecurity Services

February 15, 2024

Dive into the Q&A below to learn more about how a client of DeepSeas is transforming its cybersecurity program through our operational technology (OT) cybersecurity services.

What problems was the client experiencing that drove them to choose DeepSeas?

One of our clients in the manufacturing sector was grappling with a complex array of challenges, including outdated legacy systems, a lack of real-time monitoring, and an increasing number of cyber threats targeting its industrial control systems (ICS). These issues were not just technological but also had real-world implications, affecting both productivity and safety. The organization chose DeepSeas, because it needed more than a vendor; the manufacturer needed cyber experts who understood the nuanced complexities of integrating cybersecurity with OT.

How did OT cybersecurity services from DeepSeas help the client overcome the challenges they are facing?

The DeepSeas OT cybersecurity services provided a multifaceted solution for our client. We implemented real-time monitoring and threat detection systems that were specifically tailored to the unique requirements of industrial environments. But it was not just about plugging in a new piece of technology. Experts at DeepSeas re-engineered the client’s cybersecurity policies and procedures, integrating them seamlessly with existing operational protocols. This holistic approach ensured not only the security but also efficiency of operations. With DeepSeas, the client was able to reduce downtime, improve safety protocols, and secure its operational landscape against sophisticated cyber threats. 

How do clients who use DeepSeas OT cybersecurity services benefit from their integration with the rest of the DeepSeas portfolio?

The OT services from DeepSeas are not an isolated solution but an integral part of your comprehensive cybersecurity program. Our OT services are designed to work in tandem with our Managed Detection & Response solution – DeepSeas MDR+ – as well as cloud security and mobile threat detection solutions. This integrated approach gives you a 360-degree view of your organization’s security posture, covering everything from the factory floor to the cloud. The OT security services from DeepSeas are not just about building higher walls; they are also about understanding the interconnected nature of the modern security challenges you are facing and addressing them in a cohesive, unified manner.  Watch as Steve Ocepek, Global Threat Competency Leader at DeepSeas, shares details of why a manufacturing company chose to work with DeepSeas when securing its operational technology.