MDR for OT

DeepSeas OT Security Operations Center

Do You Need an OT Security Operations Center?

Integrating Operational Technology into a Security Operations Center: DeepSeas Navigates the Unique Challenges Our crew at DeepSeas is often asked our perspective on Operational Technology (OT) – specifically how organizations can extend their cybersecurity program into the OT space and whether or not an organization needs a Security Operations Center

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cyber threats targeting OT operational technology

Cyber Threats Targeting OT: Is Your Team Prepared?

Recently, FBI Director Christopher Wray underscored the critical nature of cyber threats targeting OT (Operational Technology) infrastructure, highlighting the tangible risks to physical safety. His statements resonate deeply with our perspective at DeepSeas, where we recognize that cybersecurity in the OT space is not just about protecting data but also

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OT cybersecurity solutions by DeepSeas roundtable S&P Global

OT Cybersecurity Solutions: Takeaways from Expert Roundtable

During a powerhouse round table discussion with leaders in OT cybersecurity solutions, key topics regarding the securing of Operational Technology were debated.   The experts participating in the round table discussion, led by Scott Crawford, Head of Information Security Research Head at S&P Global Market Intelligence, included:   Bill Jones, Director of

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Secure your OT Operational Technology with DeepSeas. OT cybersecurity

Securing OT Environments with Cross-Functional Collaboration

Introduction to Securing OT Environments In the intricate ecosystem of today’s critical infrastructures — encompassing sectors like energy, manufacturing, and utilities — operational technology (OT) stands as the linchpin. It is a domain where industrial control systems are not just facilitators but the very bedrock of operations. Yet, securing OT

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OT Vulnerability Management with DeepSeas

OT Vulnerability Management: A Beginners Guide to Network Defense, Change Management, and System Hardening

Let’s dive into OT vulnerability management. Given the recent surge in ransomware attacks, especially those targeting obsolete Windows operating systems, it’s time rethink mitigation strategies. Fighting cybersecurity battles isn’t about patching vulnerabilities as they arise, but more about seeing the wider scope – understanding the probability and consequences, making smart

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DeepSeas Cyber Defender's View of IT/OT Convergence

IT/OT Convergence: Perils, Promise & Your Best Defense Strategy

Welcome, cyber defenders, to an era where the boundaries between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are no longer rigid. Our industrial landscape is evolving, and, as we navigate this transformation, we find IT/OT convergence before us. The convergence of these two realms, once disparate, has brought a new

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Managed Detection & Response for Operational Technology DeepSeas MDR+

MDR for OT: DeepSeas Covers Operational Technology

As the reliance on Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) grows within critical industries, the need for robust MDR for OT is becoming increasingly important. Let’s dive into the details of understanding OT, the role of ICS, and how DeepSeas MDR+ is serving as the go-to Managed Detection

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Nozomi DeepSeas OT security and compliance

Navigating NDAA Section 1505 with Nozomi Networks & DeepSeas

Let’s embark on your journey through the process of obtaining and maintaining NDAA Section 1505 compliance with Nozomi Networks leading the way and DeepSeas enhancing the journey with an outcomes-based approach. NDAA Section 1505 Compliance – Start Here The starting point is understanding the requirements of the law, a crucial

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