DeepSeas Managed Detection & Response

June 20, 2024

An Overview of DeepSeas MDR+

DeepSeas Managed Detection & Response (DeepSeas MDR+) delivers comprehensive 24×7 threat detection and response by integrating with your existing security tools and building resilient human-led business processes into your cyber program.

DeepSeas MDR+ delivers superior protection against all attack types, immediately expanding your visibility into the threat landscape while significantly lowering the average time to detect an intrusion from what is often months to mere minutes. With DeepSeas MDR+ you will get advanced cyber defense managed services through 24×7 threat detection and analysis, white-glove response support to threats, advanced log management, and anomaly identification. DeepSeas will develop personal working relationships between our crew and your organization and collaborate to transform your cybersecurity program.

DeepSeas Managed Detection & Response Offerings

  • Endpoint MDR from DeepSeas offers 24×7 detection, analysis, and response to validated threats generated from the endpoint security tool(s) deployed within your environment and supplemented by proactive hunting and continuous technical threat intelligence updates.
  • Network MDR from DeepSeas offers 24×7 detection, analysis, and response to validated threats generated from out-of-band, full-packet capture intrusion detection systems (IDS) deployed within your environment to enable behavioral and analytic-based monitoring of inbound, outbound, and lateral network traffic.
  • Email MDR from DeepSeas offers continuous monitoring of user-reported suspected phishing and business email compromise attacks. Suspicious emails are isolated and aggregated in a separate, controlled cloud environment and forwarded to the DeepSeas Cyber Defense Platform for human analysis, triage, and disposition.
  • SIEM MDR from DeepSeas offers 24×7 event analysis and supervised response to machine data generated by one or more system event log aggregation servers installed on your network. DeepSeas will deploy a core set of alerting rules and analytics to enable increased contextualization of the machine data.
  • Operational Technology (OT) MDR from DeepSeas offers 24×7 threat detection, analysis, and response to potential threats found within your manufacturing, industrial and/or other OT environment(s). Threats are detected and verified by DeepSeas cyber defense analysts who review alerts from passive OT threat detection tools.

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