How is DeepSeas Different? Why DeepSeas?

May 9, 2024

How is DeepSeas different than its competition in the MDR, pen testing, and vCISO markets? “The DeepSeas Difference” is made up of 3 elements working together as one unique experience that you get as a client of DeepSeas. When you’re ready to transform your cybersecurity program, DeepSeas is the only provider of Managed Detection & Response, Attack Surface Management, and CISO Advisory services that can holistically deliver on each of the promises below. 

Continuous Transformation 

Cybersecurity is a dynamic field that requires constant evolution to counter emerging threats. At DeepSeas, we will partner with you to create a cyber defense program that adapts seamlessly to the dynamic threat landscape. Unlike traditional Managed Detection & Response (MDR) providers who have a growing reputation for inflexible processes and technologies, DeepSeas stands out as the top services focused MDR. Our approach involves assembling the right experts, proven methodologies, and a modular platform. We integrate these components with your existing technology, tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and ongoing cyber program transformation. This is why continuous transformation drives everything we do for our clients.  


Persistent Defense 

We recognize that cyber criminals operate with persistence, precision, and adaptability. Therefore, we must counter persistent offense with persistent defense. At DeepSeas, we’ve established an advanced crew of cyber intelligence researchers and threat detection engineers. These cyber defense experts maintain a comprehensive suite of detection analytics that can seamlessly integrate into your cybersecurity infrastructure, aiming to bring analytics as close to the threat event as possible. 

Our approach is different. Unlike traditional Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services, which centralize detection and response, DeepSeas distributes threat intelligence to the edge, where initial detections occur. This agility allows us to respond swiftly without compromising thoroughness. When we identify a threat in one client, we “inoculate” all our clients — the truest form of threat intelligence sharing. Leveraging firsthand, internally developed knowledge creates a collective and resilient defense mechanism for our entire client base, which is what we call persistent defense.  


Personalized Innovation

Security teams often grapple with what we refer to as the “last mile” of cyber defense. Many tech-focused Managed Detection & Response (MDR) providers fall short in their promise to guide clients through the final stages of the process — from incident response all the way through recovery. The DeepSeas Cyber Defense Platform, combined with our modular service offerings, bridges this gap. And, because DeepSeas MDR+ ensures effective last mile cyber defense also remains cost-efficient, you’ll experience a personalized touch you’d only expect from an in-house security team. This client-centric, highly personalized approach fuels innovation at DeepSeas and necessitates a level of flexibility in our platform that traditional MDR providers cannot match. It’s what we call personalized innovation. 

Transform Your CyberSecurity Program with DeepSeas.