Cyber Threats Targeting OT: Is Your Team Prepared?

March 14, 2024

Recently, FBI Director Christopher Wray underscored the critical nature of cyber threats targeting OT (Operational Technology) infrastructure, highlighting the tangible risks to physical safety. His statements resonate deeply with our perspective at DeepSeas, where we recognize that cybersecurity in the OT space is not just about protecting data but also safeguarding real-world operations and the people behind them.

Traditional IT Security Doesn’t Address Cyber Threats Targeting OT

Recent surveys illustrated in the infographic below provide a snapshot of the cybersecurity landscape as perceived by industry professionals. This is a brief summary of the findings.


Bad Actors Targeting OT

Cyber Criminals: A significant portion of respondents (47.4%) anticipate cyber criminal activities targeting their OT/IoT implementations. This statistic highlights recognition within the industry of the broad appeal these systems have to malicious actors, underscoring the need for robust defense mechanisms beyond traditional IT security measures.

Nation-State Actors: About 31.5% of professionals see nation-state attackers as a serious threat. This aligns with our understanding that certain cyber threats transcend mere criminal intent, encompassing geopolitical motivations that can escalate the sophistication and scale of attacks.

Insider Threats: The concern for insider threats (31.1%) emphasizes the multifaceted nature of cybersecurity, where risk management must account for both external and internal vulnerabilities. It’s a stark reminder of the importance of comprehensive security policies and practices that include diligent access controls and ongoing monitoring.

Staffing Challenges: Managed Detection & Response for Cyber Threats Targeting OT

The survey referenced in the infographic below reveals a concerning trend: 35% of respondents feel their cybersecurity staffing levels are inadequate, with 13% viewing the situation as dire. This sentiment reflects a broader industry challenge—the scarcity of specialized knowledge and expertise necessary to confront the evolving cyber threat landscape effectively.

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