Pen Testing from DeepSeas RED Starts Company’s Cyber Transformation

January 26, 2024

Dive into the Q&A below to learn more about how a client of DeepSeas is starting to transform their cybersecurity program through pen testing from DeepSeas RED. 

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What problems were the client experiencing that brought them to DeepSeas?

When it comes to penetration testing, some organizations like to rotate firms, but those looking to transform their cybersecurity program seek a long-term partner. One of our DeepSeas RED clients, a manufacturing company, had previously requested the same pen test report to be delivered every year. The organization had problems though; their team never saw meaningful change and couldn’t make sense of the findings from other vendors – it felt as rote as filing taxes. It wasn’t transformational cybersecurity. The company switched to DeepSeas RED, because it needed a partner to guide them to a better and safer place and it wanted to transform its security program.  

How is the penetration testing service from DeepSeas RED helping this client overcome the challenges they are facing?

The DeepSeas RED crew used penetration tests and vulnerability assessments to map out the client’s attack surface. Environments that had been forgotten through institutional knowledge loss were rediscovered through open-source threat intelligence. We worked together with the client to identify areas for testing and to discover vulnerable systems and applications that warranted immediate action. Our crew works with clients to troubleshoot and brainstorm; that’s the deep knowledge that we provide. Pen testing from DeepSeas RED is not just testing for flaws – it’s testing for detection and whether or not a patch, signature, and security controls are actually working. This is how DeepSeas RED is different. We provide pen testing with both attack and defense in mind. It includes the blocking and tackling that’s necessary against a skilled adversary. 


How do clients who are using pen testing services from DeepSeas RED benefit from it being integrated with the rest of the DeepSeas portfolio?

Attack paired with defense is not novel overall, but it is novel in the cybersecurity industry – mostly because the technologies have historically been so different. What security professionals are seeing today is that these worlds are not too different; that it’s more of a chess game, where there are types of moves and countermoves. And the names have changed. Everyone has gone on the offensive. Who wants to be a security analyst when you can become a threat hunter? DeepSeas RED and our clients benefit from this movement. We simulate threat actors and then use the results to build better defenses through both consulting and our own detection capabilities.  

The knowledge and methods used by the expert testers at DeepSeas RED will be thoroughly integrated into the DeepSeas detection logic. By incorporating these insights, we can enhance not only the effectiveness of your specific program, but the overall efficiency and accuracy of our detection mechanisms. This, in turn, broadens the scope of our use cases and further optimizes your utilization of the DeepSeas portfolio of solutions, ultimately benefiting all our clients across various industries and scenarios. 


Watch as Steve Ocepek, Global Threat Competency Leader at DeepSeas, shares how a manufacturing company chose DeepSeas RED to kick off year-over-year cybersecurity growth through penetration testing – uniquely employing both attack and defense postures.