Network Penetration Testing by DeepSeas RED

July 1, 2023

Why is it important to use the network penetration testing by DeepSeas RED?  

As technology advances, the methods cyber criminals use to exploit weaknesses in an operating system or network also evolve. Some examples of these flaws include social engineering attacks, SQL injection, outdated versions of software, poorly configured firewalls, and malware. Some security vulnerabilities could expose sensitive data, resulting in violating compliance requirements, bad press, and of course, the loss of customer trust. On the other hand, network vulnerabilities that merely lead to losing next month’s cafeteria menu may not pose as much of a threat to a company. It’s essential to determine the risk levels for various systems to allocate resources accordingly.

What is included in the DeepSeas RED network pen test?  

Your DeepSeas RED network penetration testing solution is the ethical hacking of a network to discover how your systems will respond to a real cybersecurity threat. You will get a deep-dive, comprehensive network penetration test performed by experienced and certified penetration testers, who will provide you with thorough pen testing and security assessment results along with actionable recommendations to remediate issues. You can receive both technical and business process recommendations for sensitive data or even employee education about developing strong passwords or recognizing unauthorized access.

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What is the DeepSeas RED methodology for network penetration testing?  

The DeepSeas RED penetration testers are experienced and certified as ethical hackers. They will expertly uncover your organization’s potential security weaknesses. Every network penetration test conducted by DeepSeas is conducted consistently using globally accepted and industry-standard methods. At a minimum, the underlying framework is based on the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) but goes beyond the initial framework. Our testing combines the results from industry-leading testing tools with manual testing to enumerate and validate security vulnerabilities and find attack vectors, configuration errors, and business logic flaws.

The DeepSeas penetration testing methodology assesses the targeted Internet-facing and internal systems using a multilayered approach: Information Gathering, Threat Modeling, Vulnerability Analysis, Exploitation, and Reporting. Before beginning the network pen test security assessment, the pre-engagement phase begins where our crew will collect the details required to execute and kick off the project. The data elements contained during this step include testing windows, testing dates, IP addresses, and other relevant information. This phase is crucial as it establishes the general rules of engagement for the network security assessment. Using the information gathered, your crew at DeepSeas will confirm the necessary details to ensure the assessment is executed efficiently, effectively, and following the overall objectives.

What are the outcomes of a network pen test from DeepSeas RED?  

Upon completing your network penetration testing, your DeepSeas crew members will deliver an analysis of the current state of the assessed network security controls in a comprehensive report and can include technical recommendations as well as revisions to business processes for sensitive data or even employee education. In addition to comprehensive reporting, your network penetration testing solution from DeepSeas RED also includes a dedicated client portal and free remediation testing within six months of testing.

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