Red Teaming Simulates Cyber Attack for Healthcare Organization

February 19, 2024

Dive into the Q&A below to learn more about how a client of DeepSeas Kicked off their Cybersecurity Program Transformation through red teaming from DeepSeas RED. 

What problems was this client experiencing that brought it to DeepSeas for red teaming? 

Like many healthcare organizations, one of our DeepSeas clients, which manages several medical facilities, was concerned about the chances of being exploited by ransomware. The client turned to DeepSeas RED for red teaming to simulate a real cyber attack, not only to test its technical defenses but also to test the organization’s ability to respond as well as ensure compliance with relevant security standards such as NIST 800-53 and HIPAA.   

How did the red teaming service from DeepSeas RED help the client overcome the challenges it was facing? 

The red teaming service from DeepSeas RED provided visibility into the organization’s environment from the perspective of a motivated threat actor. During the engagement, DeepSeas RED operators simulated multiple attack paths and used stealth tactics to evade detection. At each step of the attack, the outcome was recorded for discussion. Each time the client detected our ethical attackers, it validated working controls and processes. Successful attacks indicated another opportunity to improve processes, inform people, and help the client develop a more robust defensive position.     

How do clients using the red teaming service from DeepSeas RED benefit by it being integrated with the rest of the DeepSeas portfolio of cyber defense solutions

Red team engagements provide a wealth of information that can be used to better defend your network. By reviewing an environment’s attack surface based on the real-world results from a red team engagement, DeepSeas can fine-tune security controls to catch these behaviors, making it even more difficult for the attacker.       Watch how a healthcare organization, which manages several medical facilities, engaged DeepSeas RED to simulate a real-world cyber attack using multiple attack vectors and stealth tactics to validate controls and processes. Learn how DeepSeas RED discovered ways to improve, educate, and contribute to the overall transformation of the company’s cybersecurity program.