Red Team Engagements by DeepSeas

July 1, 2023

Why is it important to use DeepSeas RED for red teaming? 

It is crucial that your organization not only prevent security threats but can also identify and neutralize threats that have successfully infiltrated their environment. Red team testing allows you to baseline your organization’s readiness and security controls against an active advanced persistent threat.

RED is in our name for a reason. Our DeepSeas RED crew members have specific expertise in virtually and physically infiltrating some of the most secure environments. They leverage this experience to zero in on critical issues and provide thorough reporting and actionable remediation guidance. These can equip you with valuable insight into the security posture of your various and diverse assets so you can correct any issues before hackers can cause serious damage by exploiting them. 

What does the red teaming solution from DeepSeas RED include? 

Red team engagements from DeepSeas RED launch a multi-blended attack which may involve several facets of social engineering, physical penetration testing, application penetration testing, and network penetration testing simultaneously, as needed. The engagements simulate the risk posed to an organization by advanced persistent threats and are conducted with predetermined objectives to accomplish during the intrusion.   

What are the methodology and benefits of a red team engagement from DeepSeas RED? 

The objective of a red team engagement is to obtain a realistic idea of the level of risk and vulnerabilities against your organization’s technology, people, and physical assets. Red team testing is different from standard penetration testing in that it is more covert. For example, where a penetration test aims to identify vulnerabilities within a specific scope and the client knows when the testing is taking place, a red team engagement attempts to accomplish a goal without being detected, testing the client organization’s ability to detect, react, and defend against an attacker. During a red team engagement, only specific contacts may know what sort of attacks may be taking place. Red team engagements typically test the security of your “crown jewels,” that information or item that your company deems as most valuable. These engagements offer the most benefit to organizations with a mature security posture and provide valuable information to your team or a blue team at DeepSeas about what an attack from advanced adversaries can look like. 

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Every red team operation is conducted using globally accepted and industry-standard frameworks which help make up our red teaming methodology. The first step in a red team operation is to establish the rules of engagement with the client to determine the target and the types of physical and social engineering and cyber attacks that are allowed to be carried out. This process will identify all goals for the security crew to achieve – whether that is to obtain physical access to the server room or to gain access to Human Resource’s sensitive data. Once the goals are established, then the DeepSeas RED crew will begin the engagement. 

What are the outcomes of a red team engagement from DeepSeas RED? 

When your DeepSeas RED engagement is complete, our expert crew will compile a report inclusive of: 

  • A summary of the goal established for the project and whether that goal was achieved 
  • Information obtained during information gathering/open-source intelligent (OSINT) and reconnaissance phases 
  • The original plan for the engagement 
  • Detailed steps taken, the outcome of the steps, countermeasures enacted, and evidence gathered during each activity 
  • Customized recommendations to improve overall security posture 

If you are considering a red team engagement with DeepSeas, one or more of the following should be true for your organization:

  • You have an information security program in place and perform penetration testing every year. 
  • You must meet regulatory compliance requirements. 
  • You have protection, monitoring, and detection capabilities in place. 
  • You conduct routine social engineering exercises, including phishing or vishing. 
  • You want to expand your security testing capabilities and evaluate the threats of a would-be attacker.

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