Healthcare Company Fills Leadership Gap with DeepSeas CISO Advisory

June 19, 2024

In the Q&A below, John Matis, the executive leader of DeepSeas CISO Advisory at DeepSeas, shares how a healthcare company is transforming their cybersecurity program with a DeepSeas CISO Advisory program. Dive in to learn how this organization leveraged a DeepSeas vCISO’s extensive expertise in HIPAA compliance to resolve a significant cybersecurity leadership gap, as well as provide robust identity management and strict adherence to regulations.


What problems drove the organization to DeepSeas CISO Advisory?

DeepSeas was chosen by an at-home healthcare provider to fill a critical gap in its cybersecurity leadership following the recent departure of a key executive. Our deep expertise in HIPAA security and privacy regulations set us apart from competing services and made DeepSeas the ideal solution to the company’s pressing problem. Given the sensitive nature of the data managed within their HIPAA-compliant technology environment, the client’s primary challenges centered on robust identity management and strict adherence to HIPAA’s security and privacy rules.


How did DeepSeas help the client overcome challenges they are facing?

The DeepSeas CISO Advisory crew have grown their expertise while serving as CISOs, which is a hiring requirement at DeepSeas. Much of the CISOs’ experience is in healthcare organizations and other heavily regulated industries, so they are well-versed in crafting top-tier cybersecurity programs that comply with both the technical and procedural nuances of industry-specific security and privacy regulations. For this healthcare client, DeepSeas conducted a swift yet thorough risk assessment of its technology landscape – in days not weeks. The DeepSeas vCISO led a crew at DeepSeas that distinguished between the identity management challenges specific to Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and those that pertained to non-PHI elements within the client’s enterprise systems. Armed with these insights, the DeepSeas vCISO provided immediate, actionable leadership and well-informed guidance to the client.


How do clients who use a DeepSeas CISO Advisory program benefit from its integration with the rest of the DeepSeas portfolio?

The CISOs at DeepSeas act as conduits, linking you to our full spectrum of market-leading offerings, internal experts, and cybersecurity leadership. Your vCISO or Deputy CISO is evaluated and chosen primarily on the strength and success of their client relationships and will operate independent of any sales-driven biases concerning technology systems or tools. Your DeepSeas CISO will actively engage in your strategic organizational discussions to provide tailored cybersecurity program advice. The unique value you will experience with a CISO Advisory program from DeepSeas is immediate access to a seasoned cybersecurity executive, whose sole focus will be aligning security initiatives with your organization’s broader objectives.

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