Manufacturer Reduces Response Time to Cyber Threats by 90%

January 26, 2024

A Global Chip Manufacturer Reduces Response Time to Cyber Threats by 90% in First Month of Transformation Journey with DeepSeas.

Although a new client of DeepSeas initially approached us with a well-established cybersecurity program, the global manufacturer sought a collaborative partner to propel it through the subsequent phases of its cybersecurity transformation. The client also expressed specific concerns regarding response and containment times to cyber threats within its environment. 

Within a month of the transformation journey with DeepSeas, this forward-thinking client presented to its board our impressive outcomes that were achieved. Our DeepSeas solutions demonstrated effectiveness by reducing response time to specific cyber threats by an astounding 90%, while simultaneously diminishing phishing incidents by an impressive 77%, all within the first 30 days. 

From the outset of the transformation journey, DeepSeas not only met but also surpassed our client’s expectations, swiftly establishing ourselves as a crucial ally in fortifying the organization’s cybersecurity posture and maturing its program to the next level. This success narrative underscores the unwavering dedication by DeepSeas to transform cybersecurity programs in a way that delivers indisputable and expeditious results for our clients even within the very first month! 

Are you an organization experiencing challenges in reducing critical threat indicators, such as mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to contain (MTTC)?  Schedule time with our experts today.

Watch the DeepSeas client success story.