Multinational Pharma Company Chooses DeepSeas for Vulnerability Management & Attack Surface Reduction 

April 12, 2024

Dive into the Q&A below to learn more about how a client of DeepSeas is transforming their cybersecurity program with our vulnerability management and attack surface reduction solutions. 

What problems was the client experiencing that drove them to DeepSeas? 

When we started serving one of our clients at a multinational pharmaceutical company, they lacked visibility of the entire attack surface with minimal asset discovery or asset identification procedures in place. The company also lacked adequate vulnerability prioritization procedures and had no benchmarking, metrics, or tracking in place to measure success, among other issues. 


How did DeepSeas help the client overcome challenges they are facing?

The professional services crew at DeepSeas formalized processes for performing vulnerability assessments, increasing collaboration with other security functions and business units. We set up tracking remediation and helped them with escalating overdue remediations, while also reporting key performance metrics for IT leadership to drive action on remediation needs. 


How do clients who use DeepSeas vulnerability management and attack surface reduction services benefit from their integration with the rest of the DeepSeas portfolio?

Clients benefit the most when attack surface reduction works in tandem with complementary professional services from DeepSeas. For instance, regular communication with our cyber threat intelligence experts at DeepSeas helps to identify the latest threats observed in the wild that may be applicable to your industry. Another beneficial integration can be with our threat detection operations crew at DeepSeas, which is leveraged to test security controls in place or used as mitigation where remediation is not possible. Clients can leverage the DeepSeas cyber threat hunt team to drive new attack surface reduction driven hunt cycles. When vulnerability management and attack surface reduction is integrated with our strategy and operations crew at DeepSeas, we can help clients lead more in-depth collaboration within your organization. Finally, you’ll maximize your investment in vulnerability management and attack surface reduction when you leverage Incident Response from DeepSeas as needed. 

Watch as Jason Nordquist, Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at DeepSeas, shares why a mutlinational pharmaceutical company chose to work with DeepSeas.