Expert Spotlights

Meet a Cyber Security Advocate in Latin America, Jorge Mora-Flores

July 7, 2023

We had the pleasure of speaking with a cyber security advocate in Latin America, Jorge Mora-Flores. In the interview below, Jorge shares more about his background and expertise and his role at DeepSeas.

Hi, Jorge. Can you share a bit about your role at DeepSeas and what drew you to serving as a cyber security advocate in Latin America?

I was drawn to this industry because I wanted to have a part in helping companies and public sector institutions protect themselves from today’s advanced cyber security threats. I was specifically drawn to DeepSeas by our agnostic approach to providing cyber security services and our application of fourth industrial revolution technologies, such as machine learning, to perform more preemptive, more advanced, and more accurate threat detection and response. Finally, I was drawn to the opportunity to offer Latin America a global cyber security solution.

In my role as Latin America (LATAM) Sales Account Manager, I am always looking for new DeepSeas partners in our LATAM market and supporting our projects in LATAM as well.

How does your background and cyber security expertise enhance the ability of DeepSeas to protect our clients?

As a Sales Account Manager for Latin America, I am able to leverage my expertise and background in cyber defense to share with clients the importance of adopting cyber security strategies and monitoring and detection services, as well as the implementation of a roadmap to mature their cyber defense programs. My experience means I can serve as a trusted partner to our clients as they are making important decisions to protect their organizations. 

I am also a passionate advocate for cyber security, strategic programs, crisis management, cyber security awareness, and delivering a global cyber security solution to Latin America. 

My background includes 22 years working in digital transformation, cyber security and innovation in the private and public sectors. I led as a Digital Government Director for the National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) of Costa Rica from 2019 to 2022 and served as president of the Cybersecurity Cluster of Costa Rica from 2021 to 2022. I am also the former President of the Latin American and Caribbean e-Government Network (RED GEALC) (2020) and created the regional cyber security working group, which I led from 2021 to 2022. 

As former Director of Digital Governance, I improved Costa Rica’s position in cyber security in international indexes (39 positions in the ITU index of the United Nations ITU). I coordinated the attention of Costa Rica’s national cyber security incident in April 2022 (a nationwide attack of the CONTI group). 

I also have public policy experience in cyber security, as well as experience in coordination with international organizations and coordination between the private sector, public sector and academia.

I have led war rooms during cyber security incidents and have also co-authored a book in Latin America, Digital Public Transformation. The chapter I wrote was titled, “A comprehensive vision of cyber security to support digital transformation.”

I am a Computer Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Business Development. I am also a candidate for a Licentiate Degree in Computer Science and Project Management, and I am currently studying for my Master’s Degree in Cyber Security.

I have additional training and certificates in many interrelated areas, including:

  • Project management and international negotiation
  • Digital government
  • Principles and good practices in the preparation and implementation of the national cyber security strategy
  • Challenges and opportunities in digital economics
  • Digital government policy management
  • The use of information, communications, and technology (ICT) for better governance (eGA from Estonia)
  • International cyber diplomacy law and norms
  • International certification in cyber security and personal data protection
  • Cyber security preparedness and crisis management
  • IT risk assessment
  • Negotiation and conflict management

What advice would you share with a CISO to improve her/his organization’s cyber defense posture?

Cyber security is about people – not just technology. Build a team you trust. Give purpose to that team so they know how to add value. Develop a cyber security strategy with clear goals for your team. Do your best to reduce the digital divide in your organization.

We’re fortunate to have Jorge as a cyber security advocate in Latin America at DeepSeas and thank him for sharing a bit about his expertise. Come back to meet more of our DeepSeas cyber security experts in future issues of our “Meet Our Deeps” series.