Meet Threat Recon Expert at DeepSeas, Warren Perez

June 30, 2023

We had the pleasure of speaking with a Threat Recon expert at DeepSeas, Warren Perez. In the interview below, Warren shares more about his background and expertise and his role at DeepSeas.

Hi, Warren. Can you share a bit about your role as a threat recon expert at DeepSeas and what drew to the cyber defense industry?

Understanding how attacks happen so that I can best recognize how to detect and prevent them has always been a motivator for me. Keeping our clients’ environments safe is what drives me each day. They put their trust in us, and we have an important role to play in providing them with peace of mind.

As Threat Recon Unit and Special Projects Leader at DeepSeas, I connect with our clients weekly or monthly to provide a deeper analysis, “Deep Dives,” of any vulnerabilities we have identified and any further recommendations we have to ensure the continued trusted operations of their organization.

How does your background and cybersecurity expertise enhance DeepSeas’ ability to protect our clients?

I have been focused in the cybersecurity space for the last eight years, working with SIEM, EDR, IPS/IDS, and other security-related tools. I was also previously part of the Incident Response and Forensics team for IBM Security. This experience and background have served me well in protecting our clients at DeepSeas.

For example, we recently helped a customer in Costa Rica during an incident. We delivered a forensic analysis of the situation and helped them during the monitoring phase after the attack was executed. As such, we were able to detect and stop a second attack.

I also continue to enhance my expertise to best serve our clients through continuing education and certifications like GCFA, eCDFP, CISSP, Cybereason Threat Hunter, Cybereason Threat Analyst, Security+, CySA+, Pentest+, CEH, IBM Certified Associate Administrator – Security QRadar, and IBM Certified Associate Analyst – Security QRadar.

What single piece of advice would you share with a CISO to improve her/his organization’s cyber defense posture?

Listen and respect the feedback of others regardless of their role or position in the corporate pyramid. They might have a great piece of advice.

We’re fortunate to have Warren as a Threat Recon expert at DeepSeas, and thank him for sharing a bit about his expertise. Come back to meet more of our DeepSeas cybersecurity experts in future issues of our “Meet Our Deeps” series.