DeepSeas is Coming at the Right Time with the Right Combinations: An Interview with Wade Alt, Chief Operating Officer

December 8, 2022

Booz Allen’s Managed Threat Services business and DeepSeas cybersecurity was described to me during a recent chat with Wade Alt, the new Chief Operating Officer of DeepSeas. I learned his perspective on the launch of DeepSeas, what it means for the cybersecurity market, and his career.

An interview of Wade Alt, COO by Anna Seacat, CMO at DeepSeas

Why does Booz Allen’s Managed Threat Services joining DeepSeas matter in the cybersecurity market? Why is it needed?

A lot of our competitors are license-focused or limited in their ability to meet our customers where their true need is: taking on more response so they can focus on remediation. Regardless of the size of the company, I’ve seen the same challenges. It’s the same actors who are targeting both the large multinational and the small regional companies. All Security and IT leaders are struggling in scaling their cyber defense platforms, integrating their technology, and extending their cyber defense to all attack surfaces within a company. DeepSeas meets this common need through our unique delivery flexibility. We meet our customers where they are today and develop a transformation roadmap to get their cyber defense capability where it needs to be. Simply put, we offer more flexibility.

Why did you choose to serve at DeepSeas?

The opportunity to serve as a leader at DeepSeas appealed to me because we have all the right combinations to be successful. We have a private equity firm, Nautic Partners, who has proven to be successful in partnering with management teams. We have the strong combination of Booz Allen’s Managed Threat Services and Security On-Demand, which integrates deep analytics and Hunt with endpoint, network, and SIEM detection, as well as a flexible delivery model that gives our customers  a high level of customization. This means we can integrate processes/playbooks and points of contacts down to the most finite detail. Finally, we have strong partnerships with Booz Allen and Tracepoint for alignment on tradecraft and cyber intelligence. These combinations are critical to meet our customers’ needs going forward. 

What does DeepSeas mean for you and your career?

From a career perspective, this opportunity to lead at DeepSeas is what I’ve been waiting for. There have been very few times in my career when I have seen a scaled market need be met by what we can offer at DeepSeas, i.e. scaled market supply. This is an exciting time to be in cyber defense, and we can make a significant impact with our customers. We protect their digital environments in a way that has proven to be effective and elastic enough to scale with their needs. With the right combination of operational scale and personalization, DeepSeas will accommodate the inevitable, non-standard situations that every security and IT leader faces.


Wade will be joining our CEO, Chris Esemplare, in an AMA (ask me anything) session at the start of 2023. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about DeepSeas. 

There’s limited capacity, so don’t wait to reserve your spot: