Cyber Experts are Celebrating National Pet Day

April 5, 2024

Celebrated every year on April 11, National Pet Day is dedicated to honoring the furry, feathered, and scaly friends who bring so much joy and companionship into our lives and recognizing the unconditional love and loyalty that pets give. We asked our Deeps to share some favorite photos of their faithful companions. 

Chris Esemplare, CEO 

Chris shared these heartwarming pictures of his furry companion, Willow. This adorable dog has an interesting story – she was adopted from New Orleans and was initially taken in by Chris’ son. However, Willow now resides with Chris, bringing joy and happiness to everyone around her. It’s always heartwarming to hear about the stories of rescued animals, and Willow’s story is surely one that touches our hearts. 

Tiffany Stewart, Service Delivery Manager 

Tiffany’s pups, Charlie and Willow, are pictured here sharing a birthday celebration. Willow is clearly a popular name for our pets! 

Dorian James, Senior Manager of Security 

Not all the best companions are furry. Dorian says his mouse-eating dragon (lizard) is named Gronk. 

Leah Pinney, Senior Graphic Designer 

Leah’s pals, Bogey and Charlotte, are shown here waking up from their naps and then on their way to pick up some pup cups to celebrate National Pet Day! 

Diana Martinez, Service Delivery Coordinator 

Diana shared a pic of her pup, Choco. She describes Choco as a curious dog with an adventurous soul. Although he’s already seven years old, he still acts and plays like a puppy. Stuffed toys are his favorite because he loves to destroy them. Diana says “Going to daycare to play with his friends would be the best way to celebrate his day, and, of course, getting a chicken cake would be the perfect way to end the day with a flourish.” Choco is a lovable and playful dog, and Diana is happy to have him as her furry companion.  

Angie Dean, Territory Account Executive 

Angie shared pictures of Bently and Boots. This duo likes to play hide and seek and tug of war, and both look forward to seeing Amazon packages arrive to their home.  

Erika Ambrose, Service Delivery Manager 

Enjoying her DeepSeas lifestyle to the fullest, Erika shared pictures of her underwater friends enjoying their day in their fish tank sanctuary. 

Whether you have a loyal dog, a cuddly cat, a talkative parrot, a scaly Lizard, or another animal friend, take some time on National Pet Day to celebrate the joy and love they bring into your life. 

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