Deeper than Cyber Threat Detection: DeepSeas MDR+ Transforms

March 20, 2024

Going deeper than cyber threat detection, DeepSeas is ranked as a top 5 Managed Detection & Response provider in the Frost Radar™ and a top 40 MDR by Gartner. This advanced version of MDR from DeepSeas provides a comprehensive approach to identifying, responding to, and mitigating active cyber threats across converged attack surfaces. 

It All Starts with Active Threat Identification and Response 

DeepSeas focuses on all attack surfaces – be it traditional IT environments to operational technology (OT), cloud environments, and mobile. Both midmarket organizations and enterprises benefit from transforming their cyber defense programs with DeepSeas, which begins with achieving visibility through cyber threat detection. But, that’s only the beginning. Next involves a proactive response – DeepSeas MDR+ also includes intervening, containing threats, disrupting malicious activities, and collaborating with clients for recovery if necessary.  

This unique approach stands in contrast to the traditional Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) model, which provides only cyber threat detection for an organization but leaves the remediation and resolution of identified threats and anomalies to your organization. With DeepSeas MDR+, we serve not as a mere provider; we are your 24x7x365 defender in cybersecurity. 

What Happens After Cyber Threat Detection Makes DeepSeas Different: Proactive Containment and Intelligence Sharing 

When a true-positive cyber threat is detected, DeepSeas takes immediate action, proactively containing that threat. Whether this involves isolating a machine, removing a file, denying access to a particular user, or creating network parameter blocks, DeepSeas comprehensively considers how a particular threat impacts multiple attack surfaces, including endpoints, email, and the cloud, and responds accordingly. 

Successful, consistent containment is leveraged through highly effective intelligence sharing. DeepSeas monitors hundreds of organizations simultaneously. This facilitates gathering significant threat intelligence and leveraging that intelligence for the benefit of all our clients. We can identify an active threat in one environment and immediately act on that intelligence in all other monitored client environments.   

DeepSeas MDR+ at Work: Bringing Calm to the Cyberseas for Our Clients

  1. An example is the Log4j vulnerability (Log4Shell) incident in early 2023. DeepSeas saw indications of external threat actors trying to probe, scan, and exploit that vulnerability very early on. Consequently, we were able to mitigate this risk for all our clients before most of them even knew the threat existed.   
  2. Another instance involves the Kaseya platform ransomware infiltration. This involved technology widely used by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and consequently allowed access into numerous organizations by cyber threat actors. Again, very quickly we were able to identify indicators of this infiltration and inoculate our entire client base before any of them were impacted. 
  3. When a major event occurs, DeepSeas establishes a command center from which we keep all our clients informed. When leaders call their security teams because they hear of a cybersecurity event in the media, they are already briefed. They know the specifics of the threat, how it might impact their organization, and that DeepSeas is actively taking care of the cyber threat detection and a deeper response than a traditional MDR service will provide. 

Leveraging Assessments & CISO Advisory from DeepSeas to Drive ROI

When you’re ready to transform your cyber defense program, DeepSeas will use assessments to identify top projects that promise the best ROI. This could involve guiding an organization towards cybersecurity insurability, which includes emphasizing fundamental capabilities such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), log detection, backups, patch management, and user awareness training. Or, depending on the results of an assessment, the recommended focus from your DeepSeas crew may be hardening attack surfaces, fortifying an organization against potential threats. 

Another approach, again depending on the assessed critical needs, may include assisting an organization with creating an overall cybersecurity transformation strategy and then executing on that strategy over time. This can involve the use of the DeepSeas CISO Advisory services and in certain cases a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCISO) or a Deputy CISO to support you as the CISO or CIO, efficiently augmenting your team’s capability and capacity. Regardless of which projects are deemed most critical through assessments, your DeepSeas vCISO or Deputy CISO will support you in systematically executing those projects in order of importance to drive continous transformation of your organization’s cybersecurity. 

Continuous Control Validation and Cyber Tech Orchestration by DeepSeas

Preventing threats requires a proactive approach. DeepSeas employs containment, control, and validation services, utilizing tools such as penetration testing or ethical hacking. Unlike annual pen tests that provide you with a snapshot of your organization’s cybersecurity posture at a fixed point in time, DeepSeas RED takes the unique approach of continuously testing for new weaknesses while using multiple types of evaluation tools.  

One tool we leverage to this end is our breach attack simulation, which drops an implant on a machine. Our crew of cyber experts at DeepSeas can validate whether the expensive security tools you’ve purchased are performing as designed. We might simulate the 10 most common ransomware strains, for instance, which we are seeing in the threat landscape today. Through this test, we can determine if your existing tools are functioning properly and configured accurately and identify gaps between the cyber technology.

Because most organizations employ a variety of cybersecurity tools, it’s critical for us to find gaps in detection or function between tools, proper configuration management of cybersecurity tools is critical. Often an organization focuses effort and budget on obtaining and implementing these tools, and the validation of whether these tools are in fact functioning as required, or are even configured to function as required, is overlooked. This could lead to a significant security weakness. 

DeepSeas Enables Growth and M&A

DeepSeas MDR+ and professional services are not confined to routine cybersecurity operations. The integrated DeepSeas portfolio seamlessly operates in heterogeneous environments, making it an ideal companion during transformations like mergers and acquisitions. As technology and security infrastructures undergo a transformation into a single, homogeneous environment, DeepSeas MDR+ ensures uninterrupted security operations. 

Transform Your Cybersecurity Program with DeepSeas MDR+ and Professional Services

More than just a service, DeepSeas MDR+ is a dynamic solution addressing the complete cybersecurity lifecycle and transforming your cyber defense program. Standing far apart from traditionally rigid MDR models, the Managed Detection & Response solutions and professional services from DeepSeas will move you beyond cyber threat detection to proactive threat containment and recovery. 

This advanced approach enables cybersecurity transformation, prevention strategies, and seamless integration during organic growth and M&A. DeepSeas MDR+ offers a proactive defense, ensuring organizations navigate the future with confidence in an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.  

Transform your organization’s cyber defense program
with DeepSeas MDR+


SME – Pat Joyce

Writing/Editing – Troy Perry & Emily Hurless