DeepSeas Acquires GreyCastle Security – Third Acquisition in 12 Months will Bolster Professional Services 

December 6, 2023

Nearly one year after the launch of its unified brand, DeepSeas is thrilled to announce the acquisition of GreyCastle Security. This marks the third strategic acquisition for DeepSeas within the past 12 months, underscoring its rapid growth trajectory and position as one of the fastest-growing MDR providers in the cybersecurity industry. Gartner recognizes DeepSeas as a top 40 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) provider. 

The acquisition of GreyCastle Security points to the commitment of DeepSeas to provide its clients with complementary managed, professional, and advisory services, organized in a prepare, prevent, and protect framework. GreyCastle Security’s services further enhance each of the services in the DeepSeas framework, particularly when it comes to helping clients in the areas of audit readiness, CISO advisory services, and Incident Response (IR) preparedness. DeepSeas plans to expand the GreyCastle Security audit readiness service to include Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) readiness and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) based cyber assessments, providing compliance advisory services to the underserved midmarket. The acquisition of GreyCastle Security will accelerate and scale standard, high-volume packaged offerings for its midmarket clients, allowing DeepSeas to continue to provide exceptional service for those organizations, as well as its enterprise clients. Through the power of its proprietary platform, DeepSeas delivers scalable solutions to clients with dozens of endpoints, as well as multinational clients with hundreds of thousands of endpoints. 

Earlier in 2023, DeepSeas MDR+ was announced as GreyCastle Security’s strategic Managed Detection & Response solution for its clients, affording them access to 24×7 detection and response to threats, advanced log management and anomaly identification, and a human-led business process integration. This acquisition will result in cost optimization and better outcomes for GreyCastle Security’s clients. GreyCastle’s penetration testing service will become part of DeepSeas RED, a full suite of penetration testing and cybersecurity validation solutions integrated into the DeepSeas Cyber Defense Platform. 

 “The team at GreyCastle Security is an ideal complement to the DeepSeas organization in terms of their culture, skills, and offerings” said Chris Esemplare, Chief Executive Officer of DeepSeas. “This acquisition is another foundational building block supporting our strategic growth plans.” 

Through this newest acquisition of GreyCastle Security and previous acquisitions of Security On-Demand (2022), Booz Allen Hamilton’s commercial Managed Threat Services (MTS) business (2022), and RedTeam Security (2023), DeepSeas has continued to effectively build and refine its integration playbook in a way that puts clients first, optimizing each acquisition to better protect, prepare, and prevent its clients from experiencing cyber harm. DeepSeas has built and will continue investing in its cyber defense platform that can expand to support new technologies and integrate deeper into its clients’ environments with wraparound professional cybersecurity services, while leveraging its proprietary machine-learning capabilities in anomaly detection.