DeepSeas Becomes First Mid-Market MDR Partner Certified in Nozomi Networks MSSP Elite Program

December 20, 2023

SAN DIEGO, December 20, 2023 — DeepSeas and Nozomi Networks, Inc., a leader in operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) security, today announced that DeepSeas is now certified as a Nozomi Networks MSSP Elite Partner. DeepSeas fuses its Managed Detection & Response solution, DeepSeas MDR+, with Nozomi Networks’ industry-leading solutions and expertise for OT and industrial IoT cybersecurity. As a Nozomi Networks certified MSSP Elite Partner, DeepSeas offers comprehensive security solutions tailored for OT and ICS environments and is fully equipped to integrate, sell, and support Nozomi Networks solutions for mutual clients.

As the reliance on OT and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) grows within critical industries, organizations in the mid-market and beyond are turning to DeepSeas to protect these high-stakes environments, as well as for coverage of their entire attack surface. DeepSeas MDR+ is the first and only scalable Managed Detection & Response solution designed to cover IT, cloud, mobile, and OT for both mid-market organizations and enterprises. Being a member of Nozomi Networks’ MSSP Elite Program demonstrates the ability of DeepSeas to operationalize, maintain, and optimize OT and IoT-managed security services for its clients successfully.

“DeepSeas provides a comprehensive Managed Detection & Response offering for the mid-market. Their platform not only follows industry best practice but seamlessly integrates OT with IT, cloud, and mobile threat detection,” said Edgard Capdevielle, President and Chief Executive Officer at Nozomi Networks. “Its diverse client profile has proven DeepSeas as a leader in driving innovation all the way from the mid-market to large, multi-national organizations.”

“OT and ICS are complex systems that integrate with various physical processes and devices, making them potential targets for cyberattacks. Cybersecurity in this context goes beyond the protection of data; it’s also about guaranteeing the safety, continuity, and efficiency of crucial industrial operations,” Chris Esemplare, CEO of DeepSeas, explained. “With cyber threats evolving and becoming more sophisticated, we’ve teamed with Nozomi Networks to ensure our clients are fully equipped to defend the intricacies of these systems and can rely on us to respond effectively to potential attacks.”

Specialized training and certifications ensure experts at DeepSeas are fully qualified to support clients with deep OT/ICS network visibility, advanced monitoring, and actionable threat intelligence for the best possible incident response. Clients can be confident that DeepSeas is well-equipped to address evolving OT requirements in close collaboration with Nozomi Networks’ expert resources and innovative solutions. This includes Nozomi Networks’ full suite of cloud-based and on-premises solutions, which DeepSeas is managing on behalf of their clients.

About DeepSeas

DeepSeas is trusted by 700 clients, including Fortune 100 enterprises and mid-market organizations. Leveraging deep expertise that combines world-class cyber threat detection and response with industry-leading analysts, tailored threat intelligence, and accredited incident responders, DeepSeas is always on, always watching. Its Managed Detection & Response offering, DeepSeas MDR+, is the first and only MDR solution that covers the entire converged attack surface, including OT, IT, cloud, and mobile for both enterprises and mid-market organizations. DeepSeas is a Gartner Top 40 provider of Managed Detection & Response and recognized as being the most innovative solution by Frost & Sullivan. DeepSeas RED is an offensive security team that provides advanced penetration testing services and ethical hacking aimed at identifying security risks, informing critical business decisions, and reducing attack surfaces digitally, physically, and socially. Security and IT professionals choose DeepSeas RED because they want the option to continuously check their controls, improving their cyber defenses, and ensuring compliance.

About Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks protects the world’s critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Its platform uniquely combines network and endpoint visibility, threat detection, and AI-powered analysis for faster, more effective incident response. Customers rely on Nozomi Networks to minimize risk and complexity while maximizing operational resilience.