DeepSeas Managed Detection & Response | DeapSeas MDR+

April 24, 2023

Discover what your MDR vendor isn't giving you. Explore DeepSeas Managed Detection & Response.

Is your MDR provider delivering on its promises?

If you have experience with Managed Detection & Response, you know what you need in your MDR provider: proactive and effective cyber defense support.

Business Alignment that Feels Tailor-Made

Your typical Managed Detection & Response provider will feel inflexible and unable to adjust and grow with you as your business and environment evolves. MDR+ by DeepSeas will integrate with your business in a way that feels personalized.

Perceptive Guidance You Can Trust

Do you have a service delivery executive that is familiar enough with your environment and business that you can trust her/his advice? That’s what DeepSeas Managed Detection & Response brings to the table. You can trust your service delivery exec at DeepSeas to be in the right position to guide you and your overall security program to maturity.

100% Transparent Access to 100% of Your Data

You need meaningful access to your own data. Don’t assume you’ll get that with every Managed Detection & Response service. With DeepSeas MDR+, you will get transparent access to all your data, which we will be continually monitoring to protect your environment.

The “Last Mile” Shouldn’t Be the Most Costly

You don’t have to choose between an expensive, large cyber defense build and a fully scaled, offsite as-a-service provider. DeepSeas MDR+ will provide the “last mile” of integration, where your cyber defense is tightly integrated with the business. All the while, we’ll be keenly aware of key decision makers and operational personnel across the business, while efficiently providing our tradecraft at scale.

More than Just More Alerts

Unfortunately, most managed security providers that you could hire may actually make your problems worse. Most Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), including many MDR providers, will send you unqualified event alerts, which translates into more noise and confusion on top of your already strained security operations. Rather than sending you more alerts, with MDR+ by DeepSeas, you’ll get threat context, situational awareness, and prescriptive actions for your team to take. We’ll help you effectively prioritize and contain an in-progress event requiring immediate action.

More than Traditional Managed Detection & Response

Meet DeepSeas MDR+

Providing more than traditional Managed Detection & Response services, DeepSeas MDR+ gives you 24×7 detection and response to threats, advanced log management and anomaly identification platform, and a human-led business process integration. DeepSeas MDR+ integrates with your existing security tools and optimizes your technology investments.

The Power Behind MDR+

The DeepSeas Cyber Defense Platform is a proprietary solution that delivers scalable threat response automation, cost-effective log retention and high-speed search, and advanced anomaly identification through Machine Learning.

The DeepSeas Ultra Service Delivery Program provides a unique-to-you service engagement model that will align to your existing capabilities and business processes.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

“More than simple service providers, partnering with MDR vendors in the mid-market is quickly becoming a core operating strategy in the growth and maturity of modern security programs. Vendors like DeepSeas have an opportunity to contribute more than MDR/XDR, helping organizations efficiently manage the business risk posed by cyber threats.”

– Dave Gruber, Principal Analyst at ESG for XDR, MDR, & EDR