Expert Spotlights

Meet Cybersecurity Service Delivery Manager, Tiffany Stewart

April 4, 2023

Cybersecurity Service Delivery Manager, Tiffany Stewart, joins us in the DeepSeas series called “Meet our Deeps.” Let’s dive in to learn more about Tiffany.

Q: Hi, Tiffany. Can you tell us a little bit about your story and your current role at DeepSeas?

A: I had two former colleagues pull me into cybersecurity. At the time, I had no experience in the field. However, they knew I had a reputation for building amazing customer relationships. They said they could teach me about cybersecurity, but my ability to build relationships was something that can’t be taught easily. 

Today, I serve as a service delivery manager at DeepSeas, managing enterprise and their MDR (Managed Detection & Response) suite of services. I often feel as though my job is that of a symphony conductor. I work with many pieces for our clients to create a cohesive, beautiful symphony of work.

Q: What advice would you offer those looking to build a career in cybersecurity?

A: Learn everything you can, even beyond your job description. Share knowledge with your team we are stronger together). Find a mentor; then become a mentor. Do NOT forget to give back. 

Q: Do you believe cybersecurity leaders should be motivated by fear or peace of mind, and why?

A: I think motivation comes from both. A healthy amount of fear can keep companies on their toes. But it’s always good to be prepared and plan for chaos so we don’t become complacent.

Q: We like to say that at DeepSeas heart rates go down, careers take off, and security programs mature. Does this resonate with you? Why or why not?

A: When I talk to clients, I can see them become calm. I assure them that we have them covered, and we are their trusted advisors and allies. For me personally, I am excited to be at the start of this adventure with DeepSeas. I don’t really focus on jobs, titles, or careers. I’m committed to adding value to my team, my company, and my clients. Everything else follows. Do the work; be rewarded. Period. 

Q: Why do you think personal well-being is especially important in the cybersecurity industry?

A: The nature of this industry is that many of us are working 10-12+ hours a day. Personally, when I have been in that position, I was more apt to make mistakes. And really, none of us can afford to make mistakes. My team, my leadership, and my clients rely on me. I have learned when to give myself breaks. The industry is harsh when it comes to threat actors, so we need to be in the best position to work against them. 

We’re fortunate to have Tiffany as a Cybersecurity Service Delivery Manager at DeepSeas and thank her for sharing a bit about herself. Come back to meet more of our DeepSeas cybersecurity experts in future issues of our “Meet Our Deeps” series.