Navigating NDAA Section 1505 with Nozomi Networks & DeepSeas

June 14, 2023

Let’s embark on your journey through the process of obtaining and maintaining NDAA Section 1505 compliance with Nozomi Networks leading the way and DeepSeas enhancing the journey with an outcomes-based approach.

NDAA Section 1505 Compliance – Start Here

The starting point is understanding the requirements of the law, a crucial foundation for any compliance journey. The DOD is required through the Section 1505 mandate to ensure and report on critical infrastructure systems and their cybersecurity readiness as a matter of urgency with limited visibility and preparation. This is where Nozomi Networks platform shines, providing complete network visibility  — the bedrock of any robust cybersecurity posture, enabling real-time insights into network activities. Nozomi Networks platform is built on an artificial intelligence/machine learning engine that provides deeper insight, data analytics, and situational awareness to enable users to quickly detect anomalies, threats and vulnerabilities. When it’s time to respond to a security breach, Nozomi Networks platform gives you all the information and insight right at your fingertips to remediate issues, prioritize risks, and respond to vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to have the most impact.

Maintaining NDAA Section 1505 Compliance

DeepSeas, as a strategic partner, complements Nozomi Networks’ solutions with DeepSeas MDR+ service for OT. MDR+ is an outcomes-based approach to Managed Detection and Response, providing a 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and response solution. Clients of Nozomi Networks rely on DeepSeas to provide an additional layer of security, ensuring that threats are not just detected but also effectively managed.

Managing cybersecurity risks is an unending cycle of learning, improving, and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. The amount of security event data can overwhelm operational teams, but the Nozomi Platform helps automate many of the tedious analytical tasks to quickly prioritize alerts and anomalies that require immediate attention. Together, the Nozomi Networks and DeepSeas partnership provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining NDAA Section 1505 compliance and addressing your cyber risks.