Today’s Hottest Cybersecurity Issues and Recommendations 

May 3, 2024

May 2024 is coming in like a lion, bringing to light several key cybersecurity issues demanding quick action from professionals across several industries. One of our senior cyber defense experts at DeepSeas, Luis M. Ponce De Leon, has summarized the timeliest cybersecurity issues and provided recommendations below.  

  1. DDoS Attacks on Honeypots

A recent attack has revealed that a honeypot, simulating OpenTelnet and SSH services, was targeted by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) agent from the Kaori segment. Notably, the malware was observed connecting to major DNS servers, including Google’s and a widely used public server ( in China. The most likely intent for this tactic is to perform connectivity checks, which underscores the sophistication of modern cyber threats.  

The takeaway: Benign platforms are leveraged to mask malicious activities. 

  1. Hidden Costs in Amazon S3

Researcher Maciej Poukwes has spotlighted the financial pitfalls within Amazon’s S3 service, notably the billing for failed and range requests. These “denial of wallet” scenarios can lead to unexpectedly high charges. 

The takeaway: S3 users should vigilantly monitor their service interactions and billing statements. 

  1. Privacy Setbacks in European App Markets

The shift towards alternative app stores on iOS devices in Europe has introduced new privacy dilemmas. A mechanism allows websites to embed a direct link to these stores, which transmits a unique authentication token upon user interaction.  

The takeaway: A new mechanism in alternative app stores poses a significant risk, potentially enabling advertisers to track users’ activities across multiple platforms without their explicit consent. 

  1. Urgent Alert for BentoML Users

A critical vulnerability in BentoML, which allows for arbitrary code execution, has been exposed.  

The takeaway: With proof-of-concept code already in the public domain, it is imperative for BentoML users to assess their systems and implement the necessary security patches to mitigate this severe risk. 

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Summary of Recommended Actions for Timely Cybersecurity Issues 

  • Remain vigilant for signs of compromise, especially in interactions involving seemingly innocuous web services. 
  • For Amazon S3 users, enhanced monitoring of account activity and usage patterns is advised to prevent unexpected charges. 
  • iOS users in Europe should exercise caution with app store links that may infringe on their privacy. 
  • Immediate action is required for users of BentoML to secure their systems against potential breaches.