A Managed XDR Powerhouse: DeepSeas with Carbon Black

January 7, 2024

Together, Carbon Black and DeepSeas have turned into a Managed XDR powerhouse. Rapid deployment is no longer an obstacle, nor are exorbitant costs. And most importantly clients are more secure than ever, with a faster end-to-end process of detection, investigation, and response. “The time-to-resolution for incidents has been greatly reduced, and we’re able to protect our clients from advanced threat vectors,” said Mike Johnson, Vice President of Global Partners and Alliances at DeepSeas. “When an attacker meets a client of DeepSeas, they will likely move on to a lesser defended business where it’s easier to meet their objectives.”

Carbon Black’s ability to provide network threat detection has also proven to be an invaluable asset—something a client discovered when attackers attempted to invade their business using Cobalt Strike, a red team pen testing toolkit hijacked by malicious actors. Fortunately, Carbon Black detected the “Beacon” agent and prevented attackers from communicating through the infected host. Incident response (IR) overwatch has also become easier. Roughly 30 times per month, DeepSeas deploys Carbon Black in a client’s environment to assist in recovery and protect them moving forward. Overwhelmingly, these clients choose Carbon Black over other vendors. “Our SOC analysts and threat detection engineers are highly skilled individuals, and they could use many tools to do their job,” says Johnson. “The fact that they are executing at our high standard with Carbon Black is all you really need to know. If the tool wasn’t excellent, we wouldn’t use it.”

With Carbon Black and DeepSeas combined, clients are benefiting from unmatched technology and top cyber defense expertise. In addition to Managed XDR, DeepSeas and Carbon Black are evaluating other strategic collaborations, including Carbon Black’s Cloud Native Detection and Response (CNDR) and Host-Based Firewall solutions, to further the joint mission of continuously delivering enhanced security to clients. 

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