Active Directory Vulnerability Assessment by DeepSeas RED

July 1, 2023

Why is it important to take an Active Directory Vulnerability Assessment from DeepSeas RED? 

Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) serves as the cornerstone of most organization’s identity and access management systems. Ensuring its security is vital for: 

  • Identity protection: Safeguarding user accounts and credentials from unauthorized access and threats 
  • Operational integrity: Ensuring business continuity by protecting the network’s availability and reliability 
  • Regulatory compliance: Adhering to various industry regulations that necessitate robust identity and access controls 
  • Attack surface reduction: As AD is a popular target, ensuring its security minimizes the overall risk profile of an organization 

What does an Active Directory Vulnerability Assessment from DeepSeas RED include? 

A robust AD security assessment from your expert crew at DeepSeas covers: 

  • Configuration review: Examining current AD configurations against best practices 
  • Group policy analysis: Evaluating security policies and their implications 
  • Access control review: Analyzing permissions and delegations for potential over-provisioning or misconfigurations 
  • Kerberos and New Technology LAN Manager (NTLM)  inspection: Evaluating authentication protocols for vulnerabilities 
  • Service account audit: Assessing the security of service accounts and their privileges 
  • Trust relationships analysis: Inspecting established trusts for potential security concerns 

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What are the methodology and benefits of the DeepSeas RED Active Directory Vulnerability Assessment? 

If Active Directory is your organization’s identity and access cornerstone, then its security must be the utmost priority. Our crew will treat it as such. The DeepSeas methodology for Active Directory vulnerability assessment includes: 

  • Engagement scope definition: Identify AD components, domains, forests, and related assets to be assessed 
  • Data collection: Utilize tools and scripts to gather a comprehensive set of AD configuration details 
  • Analysis and identification: Review collected data to identify security misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and noncompliance with best practices 
  • Risk assessment: Determine the potential risk associated with each identified issue based on likelihood and impact 
  • Recommendation formulation: Develop actionable, prioritized recommendations to address identified concerns 
  • Reporting: Present a detailed assessment report outlining findings, associated risks, and recommendations 


What are the outcomes of a DeepSeas RED Active Directory Vulnerability Assessment? 

At the conclusion of an AD vulnerability assessment, clients of DeepSeas RED can expect to receive the following:  

  • In-depth assessment report: Detailed documentation highlighting the current state of AD security 
  • Risk prioritization: A ranked list of vulnerabilities based on potential impact and likelihood 
  • Actionable roadmap: Strategic recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities and enhance AD security 
  • Knowledge transfer: Insights into the AD’s intricate workings and the best practices for maintaining its security 
  • Enhanced security posture: A fortified AD environment that safeguards organizational identity and access controls 

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