API Penetration Testing by DeepSeas RED

July 1, 2023

Why is it important to use Application Programming Interface (API) penetration testing from DeepSeas RED? 

More and more companies are exposing APIs to their customers directly, for their applications to call to obtain information and present it to users in a consolidated manner.  Any time these APIs are exposed, it opens up the API and the systems behind it to security risks. 


Because APIs are included in almost all web applications and mobile applications, it is critical that API penetration testing from DeepSeas RED be included in your security testing plan. From the development life cycle to patching known API vulnerabilities, focusing your testing on both web application security and API security can reduce the likelihood that an attacker will exfiltrate data and compromise your application. Building regular web API updates and frequent testing into your workflow will help ensure dependable performance and prevent the buildup of costly remediation. 

What does the DeepSeas RED API penetration testing include? 

API penetration testing by DeepSeas RED includes comprehensive analysis of your API functionality, which helps ensure your authentication, queries, and data transfers remain secure. We work to ensure the functionality of the business logic remains intact and that data is safely transferred from web applications or mobile applications to other systems or databases. 

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What are the methodology and benefits of the DeepSeas RED API penetration testing? 

For each type of API endpoint, your expert crew at DeepSeas will fully review any documentation and examine all the requests, headers, and parameters. We will also consider your industry and gather additional information about infrastructure and the full software stack. While malicious actors can determine these details with enough time and energy, we request this level of detailed information specific about your environment and source code. The more we know about your API methods, the better value DeepSeas can give you on your API security testing engagement.  

What are the outcomes of API penetration testing from DeepSeas RED? 

Through the DeepSeas RED comprehensive API pen testing, you will readily see how API endpoint vulnerabilities can impact your business, including specific detail on how the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your systems could be impacted. The results of our security testing will help you prioritize which vulnerabilities to consider for immediate remediation and how best to use your budget to maximize strength and resilience in your cybersecurity posture. DeepSeas RED offers free retesting within six months of project completion. Our goal is to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and help ensure they are fixed. 

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