How to have Productive Cybersecurity Discussions with Board of Directors

May 25, 2023

Productive cybersecurity discussions with Board of Directors is a topic recently covered in an article on Harvard Business Review. The article, titled ‘Boards are Having the Wrong Conversations About Cybersecurity,’ by Lucia Milică and Dr. Keri Pearlson, highlights some common misconceptions and blind spots that many boards and executives have when it comes to managing cyber risk. One of our valued Deeps, Luis M Ponce De Leon CISSP, CCSP, GRID, has worked in the cybersecurity industry for several years and served on boards, found this article to be both insightful and thought-provoking. Below is Luis’ perspective and takeaways from the HBR article. 


Cybersecurity discussions with the Board of Directors at every meeting

Many organizations are having the wrong conversations about cybersecurity, focusing too much on protection and not enough on resilience. Boards need to prioritize resilience, the ability to respond and recover quickly in the event of a cyberattack. To achieve resilience, boards must interact more with their cybersecurity leaders, view cybersecurity as an organizational and strategic imperative, and have explicit cybersecurity expertise on the board. By making cybersecurity a priority and having cybersecurity discussion with the Board of Directors at every meeting, shows their commitment to being adequately prepared to deal with cyber attacks. With the right conversations about keeping the company resilient, boards can provide effective oversight for cybersecurity and help their organizations become more resilient to cyber threats.

 Resiliency should be the focus of cybersecurity discussions

The DeepSeas MDR+ solution can provide tailored threat intelligence, proactive threat hunting, real-time threat detection and response capabilities, expert human analysis, rapid incident response, and continuous monitoring. By combining advanced technologies with expert human analysis and tailored threat intelligence, these solutions can help organizations detect and respond to cyber attacks more quickly and effectively, minimizing the impact of an attack and reducing the time it takes to recover.

Productive CyberSecurity Discussions with the Board of Directors about DeepSeas MDR+ can Contribute to Your Business Resilience:

1. Real-time threat detection

DeepSeas MDR+ uses advanced threat detection technologies, such as machine learning and behavioral analytics, to identify potential threats in real-time. This enables organizations to detect and respond to cyber attacks more quickly, reducing the time it takes to contain and mitigate the impact of an attack.

2. Expert human analysis

DeepSeas MDR+ is enabled with expert human analysis to help organizations understand the nature and severity of a cyber attack. This human interaction can help organizations make more informed decisions about how to respond to an attack and minimize its impact.

3. Rapid incident response

DeepSeas MDR+ provides rapid incident response, allowing organizations to quickly contain and mitigate the impact of an attack. This can help organizations minimize the damage caused by an attack and reduce the time it takes to recover.

4. Continuous monitoring 

DeepSeas MDR+ includes continuous monitoring of your network and systems, allowing you to quickly detect and respond to new threats as they emerge. This can help your organization stay ahead of the threat landscape and minimize the risk of future attacks.

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Source: by Lucia Milică and Dr. Keri Pearlson (2023, May 1). Boards are Having the Wrong Conversations About Cybersecurity. Harvard Business Review. Discussions with the Board of Directors