eBook: Managed Detection & Response for Midsize Organizations

August 10, 2023

How can a Managed Detection & Response solution serving midsize organizations effectively mitigate and manage cyber risk as the use of connected technology accelerates and the cyber threat landscape becomes more prolific and complex?

In this eBook, Dave Gruber, a Principal Analyst at ESG covering threat detection and response, worked with Patrick Joyce, VP of Portfolio Strategy at DeepSeas, to layout the guiding principles for mid-market organizations to achieve a successful cybersecurity program.

Writing with CIOs and professionals responsible for cyber defense in mid-market companies in mind, Gruber quotes Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research reports that revealed more than 86% of organizations are turning to Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solutions for help. As such, Gruber’s book covers three key areas:

  1. Security program fundamentals
  2. Why security maturity matters
  3. The best approach to seeking expertise

Gruber provides a helpful diagram outlining five levels of security maturity, along with ‘The Road to Cyber Transformation’ which serves as a guide for building an effective security program. In his ‘Getting Expert Help’ chapter, Gruber describes how a Managed Detection & Response solution can support a mid-market organization’s security program. He includes a helpful list of MDR use cases.

Managed Detection & Response for Midsize Organizations

Gruber concludes his eBook by explaining, “Enterprise Strategy Group considers MDR a mainstream component for modern security program strategies and recommends midsize organizations leverage MDR and risk services from vendors like DeepSeas to accelerate security program development and transformation and ensure operational resilience. Often operating more as strategic partners, MDR providers can offer IT and security leaders long-term guidance and support of security program development, growth, and operationalization.”