International Day of Happiness: What Makes Our Cyber Experts Happy?

March 15, 2024

Happy International Happiness Day! This day is all about promoting happiness as a fundamental human goal. With that in mind, we want to recognize our amazing crew at DeepSeas and what brings them happiness.

So, we asked our Deeps, “What in your life makes you happy?”

Below are some of their responses:

Dorian James, Senior Manager of Security Operations at DeepSeas

“Sharing nature time with my family and sharing our passion for Jeeps makes me happy. Going off-roading has instilled them with confidence in their driving, and it is good family time.” Dorian also explained that the mechanical upgrades to his Jeep give him a sense of happiness, and he takes pride in them. He has done all the upgrades himself!

Alyssa Slayton, Senior Security Specialist at DeepSeas

Alyssa shared a picture of her dogs and husband enjoying the lake life. As she stated, “Husband + Puppies + Lake/Nice Weather = Happiness.”

Tiffany Stewart, Service Delivery Manager at DeepSeas

Tiffany said, “Hanging out with this guy makes me happy.” Tiffany refers to this picture of her 12-year-old labrador, Charlie. She explains that Charlie, “Has the best personality and is a good stress reliever. Overall, he LOVES to travel, just like me. However, he does get pouty if he doesn’t get snacks.”

Tiffany’s loved ones also bring her happiness. She explains that her children are her biggest pride and joy, “Happiness is any time I can spend with my triplets! Time is racing by.”

Stan Letarte, Chief Information Security Officer with the DeepSeas CISO Advisory Crew

Stan shared a photo of his family bonding over their passion for biking and said what brings him happiness is: “My happy family after an uphill bicycle race.” Stan also shared a picture of a recent woodworking project. Stan’s passion for woodwork is shared with his son, and the two work on projects like the one pictured below together. Stan said, “Finished another woodworking project over the weekend. This is a long-overdue workbench for my shop.” The final weight for the workbench is approximately 600+ lbs. Stan explained, “This beast is made to last for generations to come!”

We want to thank all our Deeps for their hard work and dedication and for being an essential part of our success. We wish you all a special International Happiness Day! We encourage everyone take a moment to spread some happiness and positivity today and every day.

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