Introducing DeepSeas RED – Designed to Disrupt Traditional Pen Testing Process

October 6, 2023

DeepSeas, a provider of advanced Managed Detection & Response solutions, announced DeepSeas RED, a full suite of penetration testing and cybersecurity validation services that are being integrated into the DeepSeas Cyber Defense Platform 

DeepSeas RED is a set of services that help security and IT professionals continuously check their controls to improve their cyber defenses and ensure compliance. DeepSeas RED makes it more difficult for threat actors to achieve their objectives by continuously emulating real world cyber threats, validating clients’ threat resistance levels, and responding to technical security risks.  

This new suite of services disrupts the traditional penetration testing process, which is typically based on a point-in-time, snap-shot approach. Breaking away from the norm, DeepSeas RED gives clients the option to be better defended by making testing a continuous process. Continuous security validation helps cyber defense teams learn while defending against advanced adversaries and is designed to serve as a counterpoint to the DeepSeas threat detection capabilities.  

“This expanded category of services will help clients keep up with current cyber risks and fend off bad actors at scale. DeepSeas RED represents important innovation and allows our company to deliver enterprise-class cyber defense services to the broader market,” said Chris Esemplare, CEO of DeepSeas. “Delivered as part of a holistic program, offensive security provides visibility, it challenges assumptions, and ensures that our clients are ready to handle modern threats that evolve daily.” 

Pat Joyce, VP of Portfolio Management at DeepSeas, believes security leaders will appreciate how DeepSeas RED can dramatically strengthen their cyber capabilities. Joyce explained, “DeepSeas MDR+ equips an organization with a team of cyber defenders that use intelligence about attackers to actively evolve and improve. DeepSeas RED brings additional value through our team of experts who act like advanced cyber attackers, continuously pressure testing the organization to discover unique exploitable cyber weaknesses. Integrating these two teams together through the DeepSeas Cyber Defense Platform drives an ongoing assessment and mitigation strategy that accelerates overall security for our clients. Our industry calls this process ‘Purple Teaming,’ and it is the best way to maintain a strong active defense.” 

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About DeepSeas 

With nearly 30 years of experience in cyber defense, DeepSeas is trusted by 450+ clients, including Fortune 100 enterprises and mid-market organizations. Leveraging deep expertise that combines world-class cyber threat detection and response with industry-leading analysts, tailored threat intelligence, and accredited incident responders, DeepSeas is always on, always watching. Its Managed Detection & Response offering, DeepSeas MDR+, is the first and only MDR solution that covers the entire converged attack surface for the mid-market, including OT, IT, cloud, and mobile. DeepSeas is a Gartner Top 40 provider of Managed Detection & Response and recognized as being the most innovative solution by Frost & Sullivan. Its full-spectrum cyber threat monitoring service is award-winning and backed by world-renowned researchers, data scientists, and mathematicians who have published over 250 papers and created a broad base of intellectual property, while achieving a number of scientific breakthroughs in the areas of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence as it applies to the detection of advanced and unknown cyber threats.