Meet DeepSeas: Core Offerings 

June 14, 2024

Watch how the DeepSeas core offerings will transform your cyber defense program by leveraging strategic advisory services and best-in-class cybersecurity tools combined with elite analyst tradecraft, supervised machine learning, and in-depth response support.  

The DeepSeas Core Offerings:


Accelerate Your Cyber Program’s Transformation: DeepSeas CISO Advisory  

Whether you have an existing cybersecurity program and seek ongoing guidance during regular office hours or need a Virtual CISO or Deputy CISO to guide the transformation of your cyber defense program, DeepSeas offers battle-tested expertise and leadership delivered as a subscription service. Our DeepSeas CISO Advisory program will reduce your overhead, benefits, and training costs. Your dedicated C-level executive will employ a repeatable, industry-accepted methodology tailored to your organization’s needs and guide your team in risk mitigation, policy development, and technical transformation projects.  

Go Deeper than Cyber Threat Detection: DeepSeas MDR+ 

Going deeper than threat detection, DeepSeas MDR+ is known for transforming cyber programs and ranked as a top five Managed Detection & Response provider in the Frost Radar™ for MDR and a top 40 MDR provider by Gartner. These 24×7 threat detection and response services are powered by the DeepSeas Cyber Defense Platform, which integrates data from across the threat landscape, including IT, OT, cloud, and mobile environments. 

Get Continuous Control Validation: DeepSeas RED 

DeepSeas RED is a full suite of attack surface management services integrated into the DeepSeas Cyber Defense Platform and designed to be a counterpoint to DeepSeas MDR. The DeepSeas offensive security team provides advanced red teaming and pen testing that identifies security risks, informs critical business decisions, and reduces attack surfaces digitally, physically, and socially. Security and IT professionals choose DeepSeas RED because they want the option to continuously check their controls, improving their cyber defenses and ensuring compliance. 


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