Mobile Application Penetration Testing by DeepSeas RED

July 1, 2023

Why is it important to use mobile application penetration testing from DeepSeas RED? 

Due to the large volume of data processed through mobile applications, they are a prime target for cyber attacks. Because new vulnerabilities are found daily, organizations must be proactive in ensuring their mobile app is safe from modern-day cyber attacks and reduce the chance of malware, spyware, or any other security breach. Mobile application penetration testing performed by DeepSeas RED analyzes the security configurations within a mobile environment to gain insights into the source code’s vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, and attack vectors.  


In-depth mobile application testing enables DeepSeas crew members to find what scanners often miss. While automated scanners check for known vulnerabilities, they cannot report real business risks. Our mobile application security testing helps lower your risk of a data breach, improve productivity, protect your brand, and maximize the ROI from your mobile applications. 

What does the DeepSeas RED mobile app pen test include? 

The mobile application pen testing will analyze the security perimeters within a mobile environment to gain insights into the source code’s vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, and attack vectors before it happens. Penetration testing helps increase cyber security across mobile apps. 

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What are the DeepSeas RED methodology and benefits?

Your DeepSeas RED crew will use a combination of commercial, open-source, and in-house developed tools and implement a structured testing methodology to make the mobile application assessment as efficient as possible.  

Your crew at DeepSeas will begin by discussing your application’s use cases with you, including the privileges associated with each level of account access. We will also get an understanding of the technology stack involved. This basic threat modeling allows your DeepSeas crew to zero in on sensitive functionality and what is most important to protect.  

The vulnerability analysis phase of your DeepSeas RED mobile app pen test will involve an initial automated scan that gives us an idea of the functionality and permissions associated with the application. Where available, code analysis is performed. This information is the launching point for the manual processes, indicating worthwhile areas to investigate further through reverse engineering, dynamic analysis, and a close review of the mobile app’s network traffic at runtime. 

The next phase of testing examines how the application transports and stores data, what components and privileges are in use, and how the backend handles tampered traffic. Your DeepSeas RED crew will be using dynamic and static analysis. A fundamental part of this phase will be server-side handling of session management, including authentication and authorization. Once the application’s logic is uncovered, your expert crew at DeepSeas will begin looking for security vulnerabilities by attempting to bypass and exploit security controls to determine their actual real-world security risk. If a critical risk security issue is uncovered at any point during testing, we will immediately notify you. Considering the threat modeling from earlier, your crew will consider the likely routes an attacker would take, identifying and attempting potential attack vectors. 

What are the outcomes of mobile app penetration testing from DeepSeas RED? 

Our crew’s findings will be documented for you in easy-to-read reports to communicate our recommendations on prioritizing remediation efforts, with rankings by severity. The report will provide an analysis of the current state of the assessed security controls. You will receive a clear and actionable report, complete with evidence that can easily be shared with your key stakeholders. Your crew at DeepSeas RED considers this phase to be the most important, and we take great care to ensure we have communicated the value of your mobile application penetration testing and findings thoroughly. 

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