Physical Penetration Testing by DeepSeas RED

July 1, 2023

Why is it important to use physical penetration testing from DeepSeas RED? 

While many businesses do an excellent job of protecting their network and applications against the threat of a virtual cyber-attack, many organizations don’t consider the risk associated with a possible physical attack on their locations. As a cybersecurity professional, you can only truly provide effective information security or security controls by confirming that you have strong physical security in place. With physical penetration testing services from DeepSeas RED, you will get an understanding of the true strength and effectiveness of your physical security controls in data centers, offices, substations, critical infrastructure, and other physical locations.  

What does the DeepSeas RED physical pen test include? 

A physical penetration test from DeepSeas RED assesses the risk of an attacker physically breaking into your organization. Your penetration testing experts from DeepSeas know exactly how bad actors gain physical access to sensitive and secured areas. During physical pen testing, your DeepSeas RED crew will physically test all physical security controls – everything from evading security guards, picking locks, bypassing door locks, and checking door security to looking for your cameras’ blind spots, stealing devices, and using social engineering to convince an employee to let them inside a server room. 

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What are the DeepSeas RED methodology and benefits? 

A physical penetration test assesses all of your organization’s physical security controls including locks, fences, security guards, cameras, and other security measures. During a physical penetration test, our DeepSeas RED penetration testing experts will attempt to thwart these controls to gain physical access to restricted areas, identify sensitive data, and gain entry to your network. The DeepSeas crew will keep their contact informed any time they are on-site, so the contact can monitor cameras and any reactions if the team is seen. 

What are the outcomes of physical penetration testing from DeepSeas RED? 

Your DeepSeas RED report provides detailed, actionable information to help improve physical security controls and the overall security posture of your organization, including: 

  • Information learned during the information-gathering and reconnaissance phases of the project 
  • Detailed steps, methods, and pretexts used during the execution of the physical penetration testing engagement 
  • Identification of successful and unsuccessful actions 
  • Evidence of security risks or mitigations observed during the engagement 
  • Recommendations for how to reduce risks in the future

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