Web Application Penetration Testing by DeepSeas RED

July 1, 2023

Why is it important for your organization to use web application penetration testing by DeepSeas RED?

Companies rely on web applications, application programming interfaces (APIs) and mobile applications to conduct daily business more than ever. That includes customer-facing applications with functionality to perform automated activities that often use sensitive data, like completing a purchase or transferring money from one account to another. Many companies also depend on internal web products to conduct day-to-day business. Developers may use open-source components and plugins when building these web apps, leaving the door open to a possible cyber-attack. With so many organizations falling victim to these attacks, companies need to go the extra mile to ensure the proper security controls are in place for their software development life cycle and ongoing web app maintenance. 

What does the DeepSeas RED web application penetration testing solution include? 

With in-depth experience in software development, the DeepSeas RED certified penetration testers have the knowledge to understand common mistakes developers make. They use their experience to go beyond merely trying to break a web app – instead, they are on the hunt for critical issues that could become a security crisis. 

What are the methodology and benefits of the DeepSeas RED application penetration testing solution?  

Utilizing a risk-based approach to identify critical application-centric security flaws within all in-scope applications, your DeepSeas RED web application penetration test combines the results from industry-leading automated tools with manual testing to enumerate and validate security vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and business logic flaws. Our DeepSeas RED crew members have the knowledge and expertise needed to strengthen a web app’s ability to stand up to inside and outside security threats. During the testing process, your DeepSeas RED pen testers will act as ethical hackers and help your team avoid accumulating technical debt from past mistakes.   

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Benefits of a web application penetration test from DeepSeas RED include: 

  • Finding security vulnerabilities in your web environments 
  • Highlighting potential real-world risks to your organization 
  • Helping you map out a path toward addressing and repairing any identified application security flaws 


What are the outcomes of an application penetration test from DeepSeas RED? 

At the end of each web app penetration test, you will receive a full security risk analysis along with guidance on repairing found vulnerabilities to improve your security posture and prevent further exploitation by hackers.

Your DeepSeas RED pen testers will deliver an analysis of the current state of the assessed web application security controls in the form of a comprehensive report, which will include: 

  • Purpose of the engagement including project’s scope and approach 
  • Tactical resolutions to immediately reduce your application security risk 
  • Strategic recommendations for mitigating issues that could ultimately lead to a serious data breach 

The report deliverable will also include the following in-depth analysis and recommendations for technical staff to understand the underlying risks and remediation recommendations: 

  • A technical description and classification of each vulnerability 
  • Anatomy of exploitation including steps taken and proof in the form of screenshots 
  • Business or technical risk inherent in the vulnerability 
  • Vulnerability classification that describes the risk level as a function of vulnerability impact and ease of exploitation 
  • Technical description of how to mitigate the vulnerability 

Your DeepSeas RED web app penetration testing solution will include a dedicated client portal, on-demand tools, comprehensive report delivery, and free remediation testing within six months of testing.

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