Why DeepSeas

At DeepSeas, heart rates go down, careers take off, and security programs mature.

The Nerd Runs Deep Here

Our expertise in cyber defense and threat analytics is unmatched, and there is no depth that our experts won't go to protect you and provide you with intelligence, insight, and measurable results.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Ultra by DeepSeas: Our Unique-to-You Delivery Methodology

Built through decades of experience in driving complex managed cyber security programs across multiple industries, Ultra is a perceptive service delivery methodology that is offered exclusively to clients of DeepSeas.


Ultra is configured to your business, industry, and technical capabilities. It will feel like a natural extension of your team, not an extension of your software stack.


Ultra provides comprehensive cyber defense that delivers reliable and consistent results. Joining DeepSeas means that your mission is our mission. We continuously focus on the small details that make a big difference. This includes regularly validating our visibility into your systems as well as applying both false positive reduction methods and false negative reduction methods. Quality assurance is our passion.


Ultra provides outcomes that are easy to understand, observe, and measure. A service delivery manager, technical account manager, and named security executive are all available to support you. Metrics dashboards, performance reports, and intelligence briefings are curated to help you understand the state of your cyber defense and what we are doing daily to support you.

Cost Effective

Ultra focuses on maximizing ROI through applying repeatable assets and tools. You will benefit from intelligence being captured across hundreds of organizations. The days of rip and replace are over – we focus on starting with the tools you already have in place.


Ultra is Grounded in the DeepSeas Professional Services Mission

The professional services crew at DeepSeas provide a depth of professional services that cannot be found anywhere else in the cyber security industry. By applying both technical and service delivery expertise to every interaction, and blending our rich history of proven practices with our innovative approach to deliver excellence, our mission is to exceed your expectations at every encounter, every time.

We'll be Beside you at Every Step

The DeepSeas Difference

We solve some of the hardest cyber technology problems, through proprietary solutions, including intelligence distribution, anomaly detection, tools orchestration, and unique staffing strategies.

  • DeepSeas will implement leading tradecraft methods into your program to enable fast and efficient response.
  • Our comprehensive capabilities support detection of both known and unknown threat vectors.
  • DeepSeas handles the “last mile” of your cyber defense by going further in response than any other service provider.
  • Converged attack surface defense including IT, OT, Mobile, and Cloud.
  • End-to-end services provide preparation for, prevention of, and protection against cyber threats.
  • Open vendor ecosystem includes support of best of breed vendor solutions.

Deep – DeepSeas can serve as a component of your full detection and response capability.

Deeper – DeepSeas can serve as the core of your detection and response capability.

Deepest – DeepSeas can provide your entire detection and response capability.

Our Values

The DeepSeas values provide the ultimate guide for our daily behavior and decisions. In fact, our values are the answer to the question: How do we behave?

Without these values, we aren't DeepSeas. They preserve the essence of our organization, reflect the personalities of our Deeps, and enable us to exceed your expectations.

We are client obsessed.

We stand in solidarity with our teammates.

We prioritize personal health and wellbeing.

We believe in the power of diversity.

We solve hard problems at the speed of cyber.

Our Leadership

Chris Esemplare

Chief Executive Officer

Wade Alt

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Vigorito

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Brosnan

Chief Revenue Officer

Joel Holland

Chief Technology Officer

Anna Seacat

Chief Marketing Officer

David Lavinder

Deputy COO & Chief of Cyber Operations

Dominik Ślęzak

Chief Scientist

Cris Hamilton

SOC Executive Leader

Nate Hausrath

Vice President, Engineering & Development

Mike Johnson

Vice President, Partners & Alliances

Patrick Joyce

Vice President, Portfolio Management

Joshua Nicholson

Vice President of Professional Services & Customer Success

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21% of the DeepSeas crew are Veterans or Active Military Reservists. Join our talented crew of cyber experts.

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