DeepSeas MDR for XDR

A Managed XDR Powerhouse: DeepSeas with Carbon Black

Together, Carbon Black and DeepSeas have turned into a Managed XDR powerhouse. Rapid deployment is no longer an obstacle, nor are exorbitant costs. And most importantly clients are more secure than ever, with a faster end-to-end process of detection, investigation, and response. “The time-to-resolution for incidents has been greatly reduced,

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MDR for XDR DeepSeas and Carbon Black

DeepSeas MDR for XDR: The 80/20 Rule Driving XDR Adoption

There is a continuing, sometimes passionate, debate about whether enterprise environments can be effectively defended without visibility into their network telemetry. While utilizing network data for threat detection is not a new concept, the platforms are often costly, forcing organizations to choose specific locations to deploy based on budget or

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