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DeepSeas OT Security Operations Center

Do You Need an OT Security Operations Center?

Integrating Operational Technology into a Security Operations Center: DeepSeas Navigates the Unique Challenges Our crew at DeepSeas is often asked our perspective on Operational Technology (OT) – specifically how organizations can extend their cybersecurity program into the OT space and whether or not an organization needs a Security Operations Center

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Outsourcing Cybersecurity according to Frost & Sullivan

Should You Outsource Cybersecurity Ops Partially or Entirely?

In a recent Frost & Sullivan article (provided below) written by Martin Naydenov, a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at the firm, the question of whether or not an organization should outsource cybersecurity operations was covered. Naydenov quotes a Frost & Sullivan Global Voice of the Enterprise Customer survey, where it was

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SOC alert prioritization

SOC Alert Prioritization & Potential Hidden Risks

Some security leaders have had SOC alert prioritization decisions made for them. Others are dealing with decisions that were made so long ago, no one remembers how they came to be. While other leaders feel certain in their decisions — e.g. “I measure our reduction in false positives.” — these

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