The Sub-Brand Story Behind DeepSeas RED

October 6, 2023

When the DeepSeas leadership team made the strategic decision to invest in continuous control validation and penetration testing, we started thinking about what value there may be in creating a sub-brand. Below, Wade Alt and Anna Seacat, the COO and CMO of DeepSeas respectively, outline the primary reasons why their team ultimately made a decision to create the DeepSeas RED sub-brand. 

Why was the DeepSeas RED sub-brand created?  

Alt: We are creating the DeepSeasRED sub-brand to better capture the value we can provide to an important and specific client need. Since our parent brand, DeepSeas, is closely tied to Managed Detection & Response and cyber defense, the DeepSeas RED sub-brand helps us explain how our ability to detect threats is directly related to our ability to emulate threats. Said differently, our ability to protect can directly drive value into how we prevent. Our offensive security services are designed to be both independent of and strategically integrated with our cyber defense offerings through the DeepSeas platform, making them more effective through continuous testing and tuning.  

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Seacat: The basic principle in designing a sub-brand is to maximize market coverage so no potential target personas are overlooked. Since the buyer-personas of the DeepSeas RED sub-brand may have a different title than the buyer-personas of other DeepSeas offerings, it was important that we create a focused sub-brand experience that appeals to these unique personas. Beyond DeepSeas RED attracting a different persona than our parent brand, our client’s perceived risk when choosing pen testing services is much different than that of a client’s perceived risk in choosing a Managed Detection & Response (MDR) provider. We know that cybersecurity leaders considering MDR need an extensive amount of information to make a purchasing decision. On the other hand, the perceived risk in choosing testing services and information needed before acquiring those services, is comparatively lower. Marketers look for these defining scenarios when deciding whether a sub-brand would be meaningful within their market. The bottom line is that the DeepSeas RED sub-brand allows us to finely segment our audience and outreach, ensuring potential clients efficiently find what they need in a relatable way.