Meet DeepSeas: Core Offerings 

Watch how the DeepSeas core offerings will transform your cyber defense program by leveraging strategic advisory services and best-in-class cybersecurity tools combined with elite analyst tradecraft, supervised machine learning, and in-depth response support.   The DeepSeas Core Offerings: DEEPSEAS CISO ADVISORY   DEEPSEAS MANAGED DETECTION & RESPONSE   DEEPSEAS ATTACK SURFACE MANAGEMENT    Accelerate Your

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Cybersecurity being taught as a sport DeepSeas

Cybersecurity is Taught as a Sport in Akron High School

How cybersecurity is taught as a sport is described below by Steve Ocepek, Global Threat Competency Leader at DeepSeas & Akron STEM High School volunteer.   Written by Steve Ocepek, DeepSeas “Nothing is given. Everything is earned.” This is the local mantra in Akron, Ohio thanks to Lebron James, the NBA

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Latest Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

DeepSeas Cyber Threat Intel Rollup – December 2023

Get your access to the December 2023 cyber threat intelligence rollup from DeepSeas. As a client of DeepSeas, you can have the earliest access to these vital reports before they are published, as well as customized cyber threat intelligence reports tailored to your specific needs. Schedule a virtual consultation with

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Craig Robinson from IDC discusses Managed Detection & Response with DeepSeas.

When Transforming a Cybersecurity Program, It’s OK to Get Help

Security risk and compliance needs are rising to the top of spending priorities, according to data from IDC. At the same time, the average ransomware payout worldwide has increased 20% over 2022 survey data. These two factors are the leading causes (among many others) driving security leadership to explore how

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DeepSeas MDR for XDR

A Managed XDR Powerhouse: DeepSeas with Carbon Black

Together, Carbon Black and DeepSeas have turned into a Managed XDR powerhouse. Rapid deployment is no longer an obstacle, nor are exorbitant costs. And most importantly clients are more secure than ever, with a faster end-to-end process of detection, investigation, and response. “The time-to-resolution for incidents has been greatly reduced,

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Cyber threats: DeepSeas experts share what's ahead of us in 2024

A Cyber Year-in-Review & Look-Ahead: Cybersecurity in 2023 & 2024

Each year brings innovations in threats from cyber criminals. Following breakthroughs in 2023 that changed the threat environment, 2024 promises a new generation of threats leveraging AI, data theft, spear phishing, sophisticated ransomware, and more.  Leveraging research from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group and real-world expertise from DeepSeas, the special report

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Outsourcing Cybersecurity according to Frost & Sullivan

Should You Outsource Cybersecurity Ops Partially or Entirely?

In a recent Frost & Sullivan article (provided below) written by Martin Naydenov, a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at the firm, the question of whether or not an organization should outsource cybersecurity operations was covered. Naydenov quotes a Frost & Sullivan Global Voice of the Enterprise Customer survey, where it was

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Detection and Mitigation for Vulnerability in JetBrains’ TeamCity Servers

Nation-State Actors and Cyber Criminals Exploiting JetBrains’ TeamCity Vulnerability CVE-2023-42793

DeepSeas is aware of reports that Russian nation-state actors, specifically APT29, have been exploiting an authentication bypass vulnerability in JetBrains’ TeamCity servers. Public and bespoke detection logic for the payloads associated with this activity have been deployed. Background – JetBrains TeamCity Vulnerability CVE-2023-42793 First identified and reported to JetBrains in

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MDR for XDR DeepSeas and Carbon Black

DeepSeas MDR for XDR: The 80/20 Rule Driving XDR Adoption

There is a continuing, sometimes passionate, debate about whether enterprise environments can be effectively defended without visibility into their network telemetry. While utilizing network data for threat detection is not a new concept, the platforms are often costly, forcing organizations to choose specific locations to deploy based on budget or

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