Cyber Defense Transformation

How will DeepSeas transform my cyber defense program?

How does DeepSeas transform cyber defense programs?

A DeepSeas client success story: Transforming a Cyber Defense Program with DeepSeas Managed Detection & Response, CISO Advisory, and Attack Surface Management. Organizations turn to DeepSeas to transform their cybersecurity programs. In the video below, Wade Alt, COO at DeepSeas, discusses the unique approach DeepSeas takes toward transformation, which is programmatic

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What makes DeepSeas different than the competition?

How is DeepSeas Different? Why DeepSeas?

DeepSeas stands out with “The DeepSeas Difference”: Continuous Transformation, Persistent Defense, and Personalized Innovation. Unlike traditional providers, we offer holistic solutions tailored to evolving threats.

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Beyond cyber threat detection with DeepSeas MDR+

Deeper than Cyber Threat Detection: DeepSeas MDR+ Transforms

Going deeper than cyber threat detection, DeepSeas is ranked as a top 5 Managed Detection & Response provider in the Frost Radar™ and a top 40 MDR by Gartner. This advanced version of MDR from DeepSeas provides a comprehensive approach to identifying, responding to, and mitigating active cyber threats across

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Craig Robinson from IDC discusses Managed Detection & Response with DeepSeas.

When Transforming a Cybersecurity Program, It’s OK to Get Help

Security risk and compliance needs are rising to the top of spending priorities, according to data from IDC. At the same time, the average ransomware payout worldwide has increased 20% over 2022 survey data. These two factors are the leading causes (among many others) driving security leadership to explore how

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Outsourcing Cybersecurity according to Frost & Sullivan

Should You Outsource Cybersecurity Ops Partially or Entirely?

In a recent Frost & Sullivan article (provided below) written by Martin Naydenov, a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at the firm, the question of whether or not an organization should outsource cybersecurity operations was covered. Naydenov quotes a Frost & Sullivan Global Voice of the Enterprise Customer survey, where it was

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Transforming a Cybersecurity Program: Top 5 Best Practices

The utilization of effective cyber defense tools and techniques – including best practices for building a cybersecurity program – were recently covered in an episode of Cybersecurity America with our own Deeps, Josh Nicholson and Michael Kennemer, Industrial Control Systems & Platform Security Engineer at DeepSeas. Below are top five

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