DeepSeas MDR+

Beyond cyber threat detection with DeepSeas MDR+

Deeper than Cyber Threat Detection: DeepSeas MDR+ Transforms

Going deeper than cyber threat detection, DeepSeas is ranked as a top 5 Managed Detection & Response provider in the Frost Radar™ and a top 40 MDR by Gartner. This advanced version of MDR from DeepSeas provides a comprehensive approach to identifying, responding to, and mitigating active cyber threats across

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Top providers in managed detection and response market

DeepSeas Positioned as a Leader in MDR Frost Radar™ – Causing Disruption in the Managed Detection & Response Market  

Known for continuously transforming its clients’ cyber programs, DeepSeas earns triple honors in the 2024 Frost Radar™: Global Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Market. DeepSeas, a modern Managed Detection & Response provider with a reputation for transforming cyber defense programs for both enterprise and midmarket organizations, surprised some traditional players

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Frost & Sullivan MDR Strategy Award

DeepSeas Wins Frost & Sullivan MDR Strategy Award

Frost & Sullivan recognized DeepSeas for its valuable achievements in MDR (Managed Detection & Response), presenting the company with the 2024 Best Practices Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. Frost & Sullivan reserves this recognition for companies at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective industries, saying, “These companies consolidate

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DeepSeas MDR for XDR

A Managed XDR Powerhouse: DeepSeas with Carbon Black

Together, Carbon Black and DeepSeas have turned into a Managed XDR powerhouse. Rapid deployment is no longer an obstacle, nor are exorbitant costs. And most importantly clients are more secure than ever, with a faster end-to-end process of detection, investigation, and response. “The time-to-resolution for incidents has been greatly reduced,

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Outsourcing Cybersecurity according to Frost & Sullivan

Should You Outsource Cybersecurity Ops Partially or Entirely?

In a recent Frost & Sullivan article (provided below) written by Martin Naydenov, a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at the firm, the question of whether or not an organization should outsource cybersecurity operations was covered. Naydenov quotes a Frost & Sullivan Global Voice of the Enterprise Customer survey, where it was

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MDR for XDR DeepSeas and Carbon Black

DeepSeas MDR for XDR: The 80/20 Rule Driving XDR Adoption

There is a continuing, sometimes passionate, debate about whether enterprise environments can be effectively defended without visibility into their network telemetry. While utilizing network data for threat detection is not a new concept, the platforms are often costly, forcing organizations to choose specific locations to deploy based on budget or

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ESG and DeepSeas MDR eBook for Midsize Companies

eBook: Managed Detection & Response for Midsize Organizations

How can a Managed Detection & Response solution serving midsize organizations effectively mitigate and manage cyber risk as the use of connected technology accelerates and the cyber threat landscape becomes more prolific and complex? In this eBook, Dave Gruber, a Principal Analyst at ESG covering threat detection and response, worked

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