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Cyber Experts are Celebrating National Pet Day

Celebrated every year on April 11, National Pet Day is dedicated to honoring the furry, feathered, and scaly friends who bring so much joy and companionship into our lives and recognizing the unconditional love and loyalty that pets give. We asked our Deeps to share some favorite photos of their

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Meet CyberSecurity Professional Services Expert, Tina Smith

As part of a series called “Meet our Deeps,” we introduce you to Tina Smith, a cybersecurity professional services expert at DeepSeas. Let’s dive in to learn more about Tina’s work and career. Hi, Tina. Can you tell us about your current role at DeepSeas and what attracted you to it?

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DeepSeas Threat Recon Expert Warren Perez

Meet Threat Recon Expert at DeepSeas, Warren Perez

We had the pleasure of speaking with a Threat Recon expert at DeepSeas, Warren Perez. In the interview below, Warren shares more about his background and expertise and his role at DeepSeas. Hi, Warren. Can you share a bit about your role as a threat recon expert at DeepSeas and

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