How will DeepSeas transform my cyber defense program?

How does DeepSeas transform cyber defense programs?

A DeepSeas client success story: Transforming a Cyber Defense Program with DeepSeas Managed Detection & Response, CISO Advisory, and Attack Surface Management. Organizations turn to DeepSeas to transform their cybersecurity programs. In the video below, Wade Alt, COO at DeepSeas, discusses the unique approach DeepSeas takes toward transformation, which is programmatic

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GLBA checklist

GLBA Guide: Achieve Department of Education Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued final regulations amending the Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information under the GLBA. Our guide provides an overview of GLBA compliance for the Department of Education, including documentation, roles, monitoring, and the nine required security program elements.

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Cyber Experts are Celebrating National Pet Day

Celebrated every year on April 11, National Pet Day is dedicated to honoring the furry, feathered, and scaly friends who bring so much joy and companionship into our lives and recognizing the unconditional love and loyalty that pets give. We asked our Deeps to share some favorite photos of their

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Latest Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

DeepSeas Monthly Cyber Threat Intel Rollup – March 2024

Get access to the latest cyber threat intelligence from DeepSeas. As a client of DeepSeas, you can have the earliest access to these vital monthly reports before they are published, as well as customized cyber threat intelligence reports tailored to your specific needs. Schedule a virtual consultation with the  DeepSeas

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DeepSeas OT Security Operations Center

Do You Need an OT Security Operations Center?

Integrating Operational Technology into a Security Operations Center: DeepSeas Navigates the Unique Challenges Our crew at DeepSeas is often asked our perspective on Operational Technology (OT) – specifically how organizations can extend their cybersecurity program into the OT space and whether or not an organization needs a Security Operations Center

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Beyond cyber threat detection with DeepSeas MDR+

Deeper than Cyber Threat Detection: DeepSeas MDR+ Transforms

Going deeper than cyber threat detection, DeepSeas is ranked as a top 5 Managed Detection & Response provider in the Frost Radar™ and a top 40 MDR by Gartner. This advanced version of MDR from DeepSeas provides a comprehensive approach to identifying, responding to, and mitigating active cyber threats across

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