Meet DeepSeas: Core Offerings 

Watch how the DeepSeas core offerings will transform your cyber defense program by leveraging strategic advisory services and best-in-class cybersecurity tools combined with elite analyst tradecraft, supervised machine learning, and in-depth response support.   The DeepSeas Core Offerings: DEEPSEAS CISO ADVISORY   DEEPSEAS MANAGED DETECTION & RESPONSE   DEEPSEAS ATTACK SURFACE MANAGEMENT    Accelerate Your

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Frost & Sullivan MDR Strategy Award

DeepSeas Wins Frost & Sullivan MDR Strategy Award

Frost & Sullivan recognized DeepSeas for its valuable achievements in MDR (Managed Detection & Response), presenting the company with the 2024 Best Practices Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. Frost & Sullivan reserves this recognition for companies at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective industries, saying, “These companies consolidate

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Securing your cloud environments with DeepSeas

How Does DeepSeas Secure Cloud Environments?

Secure Cloud Environments with Three Pillars of Transformation from DeepSeas. DeepSeas secures cloud environments in the same way on-premises environments are secured. Why? Consistency is key in managing security for both cloud and on-premises environments, which means the processes and cybersecurity strategies should not be all that different. Divergent approaches

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cloud security solutions from DeepSeas

Cloud Security Solutions from DeepSeas

By leveraging cloud security solutions from DeepSeas, you gain visibility and control over your cloud environments. We will guide your team in establishing clear business requirements and secure design principles that manage the entire cloud lifecycle effectively.  Managing the Cloud Attack Surface with Cloud Security Solutions from DeepSeas One common

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Latest Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

DeepSeas Monthly Cyber Threat Intel Rollup – January 2024

Get access to the latest cyber threat intelligence from DeepSeas. As a client of DeepSeas, you can have the earliest access to these vital monthly reports before they are published, as well as customized cyber threat intelligence reports tailored to your specific needs. Schedule a virtual consultation with the  DeepSeas

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Malware targeting Russian defense contractor

Malware Targeting a Russian Defense Contractor

Findings Summary: Malware Targeting a Russian Defense Contractor On 14 December, DeepSeas automated scanning and analysis encountered a unique piece of malware targeting a Russian defense contractor on VirusTotal. The file in question, listed as 567000-13.rar, contains a .PDF file of the same name, which was likely directed toward an

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